Wednesday, March 02, 2011

March is a Very Good Month


Hard to believe it's already March (and that I haven't posted anything here for weeks. I say "I'm sorry," as I sheepishly lower my head).

Although it got here a little too quickly, I'm certainly glad that the month of March is here. Put quite simply, it is one of my very favorite of the year.

Why, you ask?

Let me count out the many, many reasons.

There's the beginning of softball season once again.

And the arrival in the stores of lots of Easter treats.

And the snow is gone (whew!), with Spring on its way. (The daffodils in my yard are making me happy.)

Then there are my favorite sports weeks of the year...that thing we lovingly call March Madness.

There's Spring Break. (Boy, will we be ready for it this year.)

And, at the end of the month comes the birthdays of two of my four favorite people in the world. McKenna turns 19 on the 30th, and then Sydney turns 6 the day after.

So, you see, there are lots and lots and LOTS of good things this month.

I can't wait to enjoy each and every one of them.


Lynilu said...

Spring is just so refreshing!!

Adrienne said...

Can't believe McKenna will be 19!!!

Phats said...

You know me I love me some March Madness, I bet you all are going to be quite nervous for Bama on selection sunday if you don't win the SEC tournament!! I think you're in :)

Also glad the snow is gone although we're suppose to get a dusting thursday night BOO

hippo chick said...

It's spring in the desert too. We're loving this 70 degree weather. Lots of walking and hiking.

Enjoy March Madness.

~hippo hugs~

Phats said...

Brackets are up good luck! :)