Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Big Prayer Shout-Out! I've been thinking this morning of a couple of my friends who are far away, and so I'm sending them some love! I've been praying a lot for my friends Debby and Margie. Debby is outside Austin, Texas, and battling cancer. She has amazing faith and is so very strong! But I can only imaging how hard it is to go through treatments all over again (she just finished when she was diagnosed again). I know she'll beat it, though! Debby, by the way, was one of my best friends AGES ago in junior high school (Talk about a flashback!); we cheered and went to church together! My friend, Margie, is another Ramay Junior High friend! We were best friends in 9th grade and got into all sorts of messes together! She is battling breast cancer out in Nebraska. I'm thinking of you too, Marg! I know you can get through this! And just to continue a trend here . . . another shout-out to my friend, Michelle, in Hawaii! Michelle and I were best friends--get this!!--in elementary school in Fayetteville and we found each other again several years ago and have been emailing ever since. I still consider her one of my very best friends; I haven't heard from her in a while, so this is to say, "Hey--I'm still thinking of you everyday!"

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