Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lovin' the Olympics! Okay, I'm such a nerd! I love the Olympics--always have, always will (I still remember watching the 1972 Summer Games when I was just a itty bitty 4-year-old; lying on my Grandmother Sloan's floor, entranced by Olga Korbut). So back to '06 . . . here I am watching it all--luge, ski jumping, snowboard cross (too cool!), speed skating, and figure skating (of course!). Even curling has some sort of stop-to-look-at-the-car-wreck kind of appeal! My favorite moments so far: the drama on the ice dancing rink (the look those Italian skaters gave each other could melt all that ice!), the come-from-behind-win in the cross country skiing (the guy went from dead last to the silver!), the speed skaters (they go SO fast and there's such a capacity to crash--gotta love that!), and the ladies' skating last night (Sasha Cohen was awesome. Go USA!). I know that tv ratings are down (everyone would rather watch American Idol!), but I can't help lovin' the Olympics! Hope you all have a good day and, if you need a little lift, click on your tv and check out some bobsledding!

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