Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Highlights of . . . Right Now! Thought I'd give you all some updates--the highlights!-- of our lives right now. We have a lot going on, that's for sure! * Gary and Delaney are working hard with the Havoc 10-and under Travel Softball Team that Gary is coaching. This is a team made up of players from Hueytown, Fultondale, and Pelham/Alabaster. Delaney will be pitching, but also playing second base, shortstop, and some outfield. Delaney loves playing softball! * McKenna's school band went to District competition today and got 1's from all the judges. Great job! They will go to state with those scores! * Sydney's newest phrase is, "Wha doing?" She will ask it over and over again, even if we've told her what we're doing right now. * McKenna's been working on all week with the cheerleading school at her middle school. She decided not to try out for the high school JV squad, but is helping out with tryouts for next year's middle school squad. * We are all SO excited because our church's Family Life Retreat is this next weekend. It is one of our very favorite weekends of the year. It's held at beautiful Camp Sumatanga and it's filled with all sorts of great fun with great friends. (Pictures will be posted here, I'm sure!).How are all of you doing? What's going on in your lives?

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