Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Images from Family Life Retreat 2006! As always, we had an AWESOME time at "church camp"--our church's Family Life Retreat at Camp Sumatanga. Other than the fact that it was freezing cold and rainy almost all weekend (so we didn't get to make our annual trek up the mountain!), we had a great time! Everything about camp just warms my heart--the music, the communion time, the late-night games, skit night, hanging out with good friends, and the gorgeous surroundings (okay, so the bunk bed mattresses and the food leaves a little bit to be desired). It's always such a fun time! Thought I'd share a few photos from the weekend. There are a few of the girls outside, then several from skit night and one I love of Sydney with Brother Jack. To all of you who didn't go this year--look what you missed! And I hope that those of you who did go this year will enjoy reliving the moments with these pics!

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