Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Massive To-Do List . . .
Do you sometimes feel like there's just TOO much to get done in a 24-hour day? Or that you had a way to clone yourself? That's how I feel today. On my To-Do List for today and tomorrow . .
Go to Costco to pick up pictures
Go to Michael's to get items for a Mother's Day gift I'm making for Mom
Work on binding the SLU cookbooks so we can have some to sell at the Hueytown Spring Fest (I really want at least 50 done, but boy they take a long time with the small binding machine I have!)
Finish and submit an article I have due to the Alabama Baptist
Finish a mini graduation scrapbook I'm making for a friend's nephew
Go to McKenna's band concert tonight (and try to get to part of Delaney's softball game)
Go to Field Day with Delaney tomorrow
Get clothes washed for softball tournament this weekend
Put together Mr. Studdard some sort of Teacher Appreciation Day goody bag
And if there's any more room in there--I really want to go see Taylor Hicks, who will be in Birmingham tomorrow to sing at the Galleria (I'm thinking the kids might need to be checked out!)
Okay . . . I'm gonna stop right there before I have a heart attack. Calgon . . . take me away (Please!!!)

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