Friday, September 29, 2006

Flashback Friday

(Plus--Weekend Plans, & an Impossible Question!)

In my family, you can't help but love football! In looking through some photo albums, look at these cute pictures I came across!

Here's McKenna when she was 3, cheering on the Tide already. (Bless her heart--she had no hair and everyone thought she was a little boy!) She used to amaze people, because she'd sing every word of the Alabama Fight Song at that age! And look at the t-shirt she has on--the 1992 National Championship tee!

It sure is hard to believe that she'll be 15 this Spring!

And then here's a picture back in around 2002. Me, Gary, McKenna, and Delaney on campus for Homecoming festivities (Sydney wasn't even a twinkle in our eyes back then!) The kids are 10 and 6 here! (And we're actually both in our 30s-LOL!)

We're definitely a Bama family!

Then, in 2003, my cousin Derek and his wife Julie came with their children to stay with us to watch the Alabama-Georgia game. Here are Delaney (in her Bama attire) and Beth-Ann (in her Georgia clothes). By the end of the weekend, they had our kids screaming "Go Dawgs, sic' em, Woof Woof Woof!" and we had theirs yelling, "Roll Tide!" It was so much fun!

Bama has a BIG game coming up tomorrow. We're going into VERY hostile territory--in the Swamp with the Florida gators, and they are wanting revenge for our 31-3 victory over them last year! Crossing my fingers that some sort of miracle might take place!

That's all for sports today, but if you want to see my predictions for a bunch of games tomorrow, visit my friend Phats and read his blog. Gary and I are his Guest Pickers this week! (And all of you Phats readers, please don't throw rotten tomatoes at us. We're just having some fun. LOL!)

This Weekend's Plans--

We are all going our separate ways starting tonight.

Gary and Delaney are heading to Huntsville to a softball tournament, McKenna has an away game tonight, Sydney and I are going to hang out with one of my best friends (for scrapbooking, giggling, snacking, and Mojitos!); tomorrow, Gary and D will doing softball, while Syd and I go watch McKenna perform at a band competition. (Hopefully, I'll be able to sit down and watch the Bama game in the midst of all of this!) Saturday night we should all be reunited!

I hope to be able to post some scrapbook creations on Monday (Gary's trying to teach me how to use my scanner, so I'm hoping I can learn to scan some of my pages in!)

And now for Friday's Impossible Question--

I posed an Impossible Question to you last week, so I thought I'd continue the trend today. Take your best shot at answering this question, and once I have a correct answer I'll pop back in here and add it to the post. Okay, here it is:

* Women are more likely to do this than men when walking down the street. What is it?

Okay, let me know your guesses. Last week--Cindy and Jef were my correct guessers. Will it be you this week?
UPDATED!!! My winner is Ryan!! Yay!
He correctly guessed that women are more likely than men to pick up money off the street!

Hope all of you have a wonderful, blessed weekend. See ya on Monday (if not sooner!).


NMOTB said...

The pics are really cute - I also dug out all my old photo's of the kids when we moved and it scary to see how quickly they are growing up!

That's a tough one, i would have to take a wild guess and say - scratch thier bums? or walk into poles - i really don't know! will wait to see what the answer is!

You must all take care this weekend and enjoy! Good luck to the girls with thier games!

maria said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! And about the question, mmm, let's see, what about daydream?

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! I remember McKenna when she was just a little one like that!


Amanda said...

Ummmm, they are more likely to trip because they are window shopping or looking around at neighbors houses?

~gkw said...

Talk on the cell phone?

Cheryl Wray said...

Sorry guys and gals--no correct answers yet! Keep scratching your head and give it a good guess!

NMOTB said...

Stop and chat

rhonda said...

Have a great weekend...and I've got my fingers crossed for tomorrow too!

We're going in 3 different directions tomorrow is going to be a CRAZY weekend!

rhonda said...

oh and for the ?-----pick their nose? pass gas?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Cindy Barb said...

Great pics and I hope Bama whips their butts again this year. But we have to keep out kickers off THE FIELD!!!! By the way did you see the Auburn game last night? lol (they won). As far as the questions goes, I know the answer, it was passed around at the office. Can I give a hint?

Cheryl Wray said...

Good tries guys, but still no right answer! Sure, Cindy--give a hint! ( I hope we've got the same answers. LOL!)
Remember everyone--it's something you'd do or not do out on the street.

Cindy Barb said...

That was my hint Cheryl.. Well, it is your blog, lol. Ok another hint!!! There is a saying you can say when you bend down to do this.

adrienne said...

Awww, what cute pics!! I hope you have a great weekend!

Phats said...

Hi Cheryl I am a little worried now I haven't gotten your picks yet haha did you email them?

ryan said...

pick up a penny?

Phats said...

I got em! they are on the blog and I loved them haha.

Great pictures, and ROLL TIDE I've got my cheers ready.

my guess hmm flirt!

~gkw said...

booo ryan! I wanted to win this one! I NEVER WIN :(

I'm going to cheat and go the website next week! HA!

*looks around for a map to the street the website is on...*

Jane said...

Yesterday I wrote a whole big comment and then my blogger thing wasn't working.....anyway, my answer was wrong!!! :)

If you do a round up of your summer reading Cheryl, I would be really interested, I love seeing what others read and think of other books.

scrapperjen said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see what you make.

Thank you for all the comments on my blog - you're so sweet!