Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Photo Recap

As is pretty much the case for most Fall weekends here in the W Household, five things dominated my time--high school football, college football, scrapbooking, softball, and church activities.

Instead of droning on and on about how Heartbreaking (with a capital H!) the Alabama loss was this past weekend (two overtimes; two missed field goals and a missed extra point to lose the game at the end; hard, hard loss on the week before we now have to go get ready to play #5 Florida down in the Swamp; ugh!!!--but wait, I wasn't going to drone on and on . . . ), just thought I would share a couple of photos and quick descriptions of some experiences we've had since Friday.

Friday night--Hueytown lost its first game of the season in a wild game here at home. Lost it by one touchdown; officiating mistakes aplenty; it would have took the team to its first 4-0 start in like decade . . . but the team looks good and the band looked AWESOME again. Their show was the highlight of the night, I believe!

Saturday--already mentioned the awful loss that Alabama had against Arkansas. You can imagine how depressed it made me since I haven't even turned on ESPN since the game ended (I usually go to bed with the sounds of "Sportscenter" in the background!) and I have avoided reading any of the online sports recaps (which I always do!). Trying to move on . . . (kinda like our kicker--here--is proably trying to do to!)

Before the Bama game, I did a little bit of cheering for the Boilermakers solely for my blogging buddy Phats (a former Purdue cheerleader and Fan Extraordinaire!). Here I am (wearing my Bama jersey) by the television with the Purdue game on! (See Sydney there below me trying to grab my shaker? She's all about shaking the shakers during games!)

Also on Saturday I did some work on a very special scrapbooking project! My online friend, Sherril, shared with me the heartrending story of a young mother around my age (with three young sons) who is losing her fight against cancer. She doesn't know how much time she has left, but it's very little. One of her last wishes was to have completed scrapbooks for her sons, so Sherril (along with some of her other scrapbooking friends) sent out a plea for help. She needed scrapbookers to donate pages that her photos could then be put into. I asked Sherril how I could help, and I ended up doing three birthday layouts and a general "I love you" layouts. They are going in the mail to her today!

I wasn't sure what style this woman likes, so I made four very simple pages. I just hope that my pages can add some brightness to her last days and that she can feel some peace in knowing that her sons will have some wonderful ways to remember the mother that loved them so much. (The story just amazes me and saddens me at the same time; this woman has gone ahead and bought gifts for her sons' graduations and weddings. How very hard it would be to know you were going to miss those events, but what amazing courage she is showing!)

Also on Saturday--Delaney played in a softball tournament on Saturday and I was able to attend two of the games. I missed the first game of the day, which Gary said was one of Delaney's all-time bests. She pitched the entire game, gave up one point, and had some great fielding plays as well. They ended up losing both of the games I attended, but Delaney still played really well! It didn't help that the weather was disgusting all day--rain and mud and ran and lightning and more rain! (Here she is rounding second base!)

Sunday--McKenna and my niece, Lori, sang a duet in our morning worship service. Lori sang soprano, and McKenna sang the harmonizing alto, to the praise song, "Holy is the Lord." They did a beautiful job! (I was proud of them just for being able to do this in front of the whole church. A lot of courage their too!)

(Thanks again, Ryan, for being my Church Photographer. Great pics!)

And then last night I got sucked into watching "Forest Gump" AGAIN. I swear, I can sit down to watch just a minute or two and pretty soon I'm watching the entire rest of the movie and bawling like an absolute baby. I LOVE that movie! It makes you laugh, then just hits you with the most amazing emotions. I really think it is one of the sincerest, heartfelt movies ever. It just says SO much! But I've seen it like a gazillion times, so I should know it's gonna suck me in . . . but I fall for it anyway!

I hope all of you had a great weekend as well! I'm hoping that this week is a drier one, and also a productive one! (I've got a ton of work to get caught up on by Wednesday!) I'm ready to have a good week! (Maybe by Wednesday, I'll feel like reading or listening to sports radio again! LOL)

Happy Monday!!


Adrienne said...

LOL, you know how tony feels about Alabama lol, so I won't EVEN rub it in, and that sounds like such a tough situation....I don't know how I would handle something like that. She sounds like avery strong woman.

Amanda said...

Wow about the scrapbook. What an amazing project! WOW! What a blessing for this woman....cute pic of you!

The Real Kidd said...

I think that what you are doing for that mother is AMAZING!

toya said...

wow what a post, sorry about the lost your team had, YIKES, I know you guys really are huge fans and the scrapbook project sound awesome, fun pics too.

Cindy Barb said...

I am mad, mad, mad and still mad. What is going on in Alabama? What is up with our kicker? What a Monday I have had just walking in the door. "So Cindy, what happened to your Kicker?" These OU and OSU fans are just about to get on my last nerve. Oh!!!! Was I ever MAD, (and still mad, can you tell)

Cindy Barb said...

Oh and great the girls sang. What did they sing? I wish you could have recored this for me so I could hear them. Give the all kisses from me please. ALL OF THEM

Cheryl Wray said...

Cindy--I know!!! It was just such an upsetting game! Our QB had his best game all year (I really think he may be the best QB in the SEC, or will be before long!)and we still lost it. But, gotta stay positive. Maybe we'll make it back against the Gators! Tell all those OU and OSU fans to kiss your Crimson behind!! LOL
Adrienne, Amanda, RK, Toya--yes, this scrapbook project is just really sad. But a really great thing to help with!!!

Phats said...

Hello Cheryl
We're alot alike. After any loss I avoid all sports for at least 4 days sometimes the whole week, because I am still so upset! haha :)

First off though that picture is AWESOME! I love it. I am sure that is a big reason why we won! haha Did you do the Boiler Up Cheer? I am ready to learn my Bama cheer now so I can help you all to VICTORY sat in the swamp.

NMOTB said...

Hi I'm Home! Jeepers but you have had a busy one! Sorry bout your team loosing! Have to go read the rest!

Jane said...

Wow, that's amazing about the scrapbook, what a wonderful way to help out! Love your pictures, they really capture your weekend!

Cheryl Wray said...

Phats--Yes, we did the cheer! I'm going to your blog to give you a Bama cheer! Thanks!
New Mom--yes, BUSY weekend!
Jane--Yes, it's a great project. Just hope it brings her some joy!

~gkw said...

Yuck on the loss for Bama, Yay!! for Delaney!!! YUCK on our other softball losses this weekend!!! Yay!! for Cheryl's project and Boiler UP for Purdue!

Did I cover everything?

Sherril said...


You are awesome. I can't wait to bring the pages to Lori....she is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love she has received so far. I will let you know when they arrive. Now...I need to blog, your blog is how newsy it is.

Phats said...

Hey do you and Gary want to be my guest pickers for this weeks games? I will pick and you two pick all the games listed.

Cheryl Wray said...

Phats--of course I will! In fact, I already have a special "approach" brewing in my brain. (Uh oh...could be dangerous!)

Phats said...

I love it!!
I am going to send you an email, I think you'll recognize my name, but just incase it's from Boilerup or Phats :)

Jade said...

OH, oh, I saw Forest Gump last night for the very first time! I LOVE that movie! It was sooooo beautiful!


melissa said...

that is so sweet of you to make those layouts for her, what a tough situation to have to go through.

I completely agree with you on Forest Gump. When its on I tell myself I will only watch it for a little bit but I just cant stop. lol. great movie

maria said...

You just made me cry with the story of the woman you are making the album for! How very nice of you to help on this project ---her story has touched my heart beyong belief!