Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's Random Tuesday . . . Time for an Early Valentine's Day Meme!!

You know how much I adore these fun little tag quizzes (and seeing what all of you come up with in response to them), so I came up with one in honor of the Month of Love!

But first . . .

* Holy Cow, did anyone else catch "Heroes" last night? It was SO good!!!

* I got a kick out of both Jessi and Josie raving on their blogs yesterday about the allure of cold drinks in the midst of cold temperatures (like: -10 degrees in Canada means it's time for a Dairy Queen Blizzard!). So, in honor of such blog friends, I went and bought me a Large Coke Icee (not that it was much of a sacrifice; I LOVE Icees and drink at least two a week!!) And the gals are right, even with the weather at 40 degrees it tasted GOOD!!!

* Beware when your 2-year-0ld comes to you un-prompted and says, "I couldn't find a piece of paper!" Yesterday, Sydney said that and then handed me this bowl. At first, I thought it was chocolate. Nope--she had written inside of it with a brown crayon!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, for that Early Valentine's Day Meme! (You know the drill--give your answers in my comment section or let us know if you do it on your own blog!!)

(1) Celebrate or Not? I do love to celebrate, but we never go overboard. Gary and I usually treat ourselves to a “date night” as a gift to each other. (Although Gary usually “cheats” and ends up getting me flowers and chocolate.) We usually make little goody bags for the girls, which are a lot of fun to make. And one of my favorite things about it is seeing the cards that the girls (well, now just Delaney) get from their friends at school.

(2) Most Romantic Gift Received – I have a very sweet dh who has given me many romantic gifts over the years, but the best would have to be the “book” he had printed that was titled “100 Reasons Why I Love Cheryl.” How in the world he came up with 100 I’ll never know!

(3) Worst Date — The time I got “talked” into being a double date with one of my best friends and her boyfriend. My date was a disaster—socially inept (picture if you will: talking with his mouth VERY full), cheap, and “grabby!” (The things we sacrifice for our friends! LOL)

(4) If you could tell your significant other what you’d REALLY like for Valentine’s Day, what would you tell him/her? Gosh, my “dream” gift would have to be a surprise trip somewhere tropical. But more realistic would be dancing and a candlelit dinner.

(5) Complete the sentence: “Love means never having to say _______” ‘Does this make me look fat?’

(6) Best Chocolate - My favorites are Lindor chocolate truffles. But I’m also a big fan of homemade chocolate anything (brownies, chocolate pie, chocolate covered strawberries).

(7) Dream Valentine’s Menu - Mmmm, if we’re talking the whole shebang--Appetizer, Salad, Main Entrée, Dessert, and Drinks (this is a “dream” menu, right? LOL)--how about . . . Cheese Sticks, a really good Spinach Salad, Lobster or Shrimp, Stuffed Baked Potato, Veggies, Crème Brulee (omg!!) and a really yummy Martini (or two)

(8) Most Romantic Movie - Lots of good ones to choose from, but I love “When Harry Met Sally,” “Say Anything,” “Moonstruck," "Somewhere in Time” and “Casablanca.”

(9) If you had a Conversation Heart that said how you were feeling right now, it would say - “Bloggers R Cool!”

(10) Pink or Red? I really like Hot Pink right now (especially paired with brown or black)

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! And share the love with this meme!!

You guys R Cool, and I LOVE you all!!


Phats said...

I just left you a comment and I think Blogger ate it UGH!

Anyway what i was saying was, did you get mad at Sydney, surely not? haha

You know I love my icee's SOO good, coke, cherry, strawberry/banana, even the mt dew ones.

Kristen and I will spending Valentine's day at Mackey Arena watching our Beloved Boilers Clobber IU(hopefully!).

Susie Q said...

I love a Coke Icee!! Yum. I do not care if it is 100 or - 10, gotta have a cold drink!

Love your list today. I hope oit is alright if I borrow it!?

Loved your answers too!

You have a good rest of the week...think of us Yahkees up here freezing!!

Take care and stay well.

Laura Reaux said...

I am *craving* an Icee now! Agh! lol Thanks for the comment on my blog. :) ...and for getting me thinking of Valentine's Day.

Gin said...

Sheesh, you are up early (or I guess: staying up late!). Get to bed! Actually, this means i'm still up too!
Love your meme! I'll have to steal it.

Josie said...

What a great meme...! My worst date was when a room mate hooked me up with her boyfriend's room mate. ****shudder**** The guy showed up, and he had no teeth. ****shudder**** Of course, I had to be courteous to him. Did I give her h--- afterwards.

I have a big bowl of Lindor chocolate truffles on my desk at work, and they're mine... all mine. :-)


toya said...

the most romantic gift I received was a purple teddy bear from my Hubby, we wasn't even dating as yet and he bought it for me. I was totally speechless, lol

Dave Richards said...

Well Valentines day is coming up real soon and everyone is preparing for some celebration...and hey also stop by my blog sometime and check out the interesting resources that i've posted there!!!

Jeff said...

1) Celebrate or Not? Celebrate! Will and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day together 12 years ago by signing a lease on a house so Valentine's Day always holds a special place in our hearts. With it in the middle of the week this year, we'll probably do the major celelbrating the weekend after since it's a 3-day weekend becuase of President's Day.

(2) Most Romantic Gift Received – The roses I received at work on our first Valentine's Day. That combined with the above made the day a great one!

(3) Worst Date — I don't think I've had a worst date. I know, I must have at some point, maybe I've blanked it out.

(4) If you could tell your significant other what you’d REALLY like for Valentine’s Day, what would you tell him/her? It would be to go on a cruise!

(5) Complete the sentence: “Love means never having to say _______” anything. Love means you can have the comfortable silence.

(6) Best Chocolate - I'm with Cheryl, anything homemade and chocolate is perfect.

(7) Dream Valentine’s Menu - Start with a Ceasar salad, then filent mengion cooked medium with baked potato and some nice vegetable side (don't really care what that is) and end it with cheescake. And have some great wine with the meal too.

(8) Most Romantic Movie - I love The Notebook and Say Anything is a classic, as is Out of Africa

(9) If you had a Conversation Heart that said how you were feeling right now, it would say - "I wish I was still snuggled in my warm bed"

(10) Pink or Red? Red.

And thanks for not giving anything away about Heroes, I was at the Rangers/Red Wings game last night and haven't seen it yet!

Stephanie C said...

LOL to Sydney:) Better hide those crayons gf!
My meme is on my blog...not romantic at all...but se la vi! :)
Have a great day!
And brrrrrrrrrrrr on the Icee

~Telah said...

I'd have to say that one of the most romantic movies is "The Notebook"...of course I'm a really big fan of Nicholas Sparks. Have you seen it?

Gareth said...

LOL at little Scout. I hope you wont be surpressing her creative juices because she definitely has a talent there. Actually when I read that she couldn't find a piece of paper I thought it meant toilet roll and the brown stuff in the bowl was, ummmmm ok I stopping right there ;-)
I don't think Gary is cheating on your date night because that what you are supposed to do right Gary? You are supposed to give each other gifts. I think you are just too lazy to give Gary anything :P

cityfarmer said...

I'll need a week off to do that list...but I loved yours....it's funny, I just signed off on my last post by telling you all how much I love you too.

We must ALL be in love

Jenn S said...

(1) Celebrate or Not? We celebrate just a little. We usually give each other a card and maybe a little something. We give the girls a small gift and usually all go out to eat. Our anniversary is February 9th (Friday...5 years!) and we usually celebrate that so there's not much left for Valentines!

(2) Most Romantic Gift Received This isn't really "romantic", but since we've been together, I have mentioned a few times to Ryan that one day I would like to learn to play the guitar. I've always wanted to. A few months ago, one evening, he brought one home that he had bought for me. He said, "you had just mentioned it and I remembered and thought you might want to learn how to play." He really does listen to me! wow! Also, on a more romantic note, Ryan will sometimes get me flowers, but he will leave them in my car for me to see when I'm leaving for work, or he will send them here for me to enjoy. And...I absolutely love the 100 reasons book idea!

(3) Worst Date ???

(4) If you could tell your significant other what you’d REALLY like for Valentine’s Day, what would you tell him/her? Wow...I was just thinking about that this morning. I would really like to come home from work, sit down on the couch and rest, while someone else got supper ready, washed clothes, washed the dishes and got everything ready for the next day, while I was soaking my feet in my foot massager!

(5) Complete the sentence: “Love means never having to say _______” ‘Will you go with me?’

(6) Best Chocolate - Chocolate covered cherries or strawberries, Dillettante chocolate covered blueberries, Hot fudge pudding cake...mmm mmm good!

(7) Dream Valentine’s Menu - Either Logans, or Up The Creek...depending on if I'm in the mood for steak or seafood. Logans - First, peanuts! Then maybe some fried onions. A steak cooked medium with a loaded baked potato and something chocolate for dessert. Up The Creek - A sampler appetizer platter and either fried shrimp or catfish with a baked potato and once again...something chocolate for dessert!

(8) Most Romantic Movie - Don't watch a whole lot of those kinds of movies, but I agree with the "Somewhere In Time". Oldie but goodie!

(9) If you had a Conversation Heart that said how you were feeling right now, it would say - Spring will be here soon, with cold mornings and warm afternoons...my favorite!

(10) Pink or Red? I really like Hot Pink right now (especially paired with brown or black) I agree wholeheartedly! I love those hot pink and brown tote bags from Lifeway...have you seen them? Cute, cute. They say "Love Like Jesus". I was thinking of getting my girls one.

Linda said...

You did a great job on the meme. I love your answer to #5. Absolutely perfect. And creme brulee - a perfect choice.
Have a good day Cheryl.

Cheryl Wray said...

I should have mentioned you in my discussion of Icees! You are a #1 fan along with me!! White cherry is my current fave, other than the classic Coke! Sounds like a fun Val Day--nothing like sports with the one you love!!
You certainly can borrow my list! Can't wait to see your answers! Yep, I can't complain about our "cold" cause it's nothing like your "cold" right now. Ugh!
Laura--Go get you an Icee!! LOL
Gin--Steal away!! (I'm always up late!)
Josie--Ugh!!! Sounds AWFUL!! But the Lindor chocolate sounds GOOD!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Toya--Ahhh... sometimes they surprise us, don't they?
Dave--Hmmm, we'll see...
Jeff--What a wonderful Valentine's Day memory. No wonder it's so special to you guys!! I want to go on a cruise too!! And how could I have forgotten "Out of Africa"? One of the best EVER!!! (You will love Heroes!!)
Steph--Sydney is a hoot! You never know what she'll do! Off to read your meme next!
Telah--Yes, The Notebook is a tearjeaker for sure! A good choice!!
Gareth--OH NO!!! That would have been DISGUSTING! (but not surprising!)
Cityfarmer--Cmon, take a day and get it done! LOL Will go check out your post for today!
Jenn--SO sweet about the guitar!! And Happy (Early) Anniversary!!!!
Linda--I love Creme Brulee! I really need some soon!!

maria said...

Great questions! And I greatly enjoyed reading your answers! I can't believe Valentine's is coming so soon! I love this holiday! If I get a chance I'll post my answers too --I know, I know, I'm still behind on some others, LOL. Crazy months lately :)

jessi said...

I HAVE got to stop reading your blog when I am hungry...LOL!!!! totally digging your Valentines day menu....creme brulee...mmmmm!!! see there's the drool again...LOL!!! and I love the "new art bowl" your daughter added...it will make a great table centerpeice...lol!!! love kids and their logical explanations!!! have a great day...I will be doing your meme on my blog either later today or tomorrow!!ciao for now!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Coloring in the bowl is classic stuff! :)
Too funny.

Amanda said...

I will answer the questions later, for now I'm CRACKING UP at your ICE-E that you bought...insane....it's so freaking cold here I can't stand it.....

Jolene George said...

I haven't had an icee or a slurpee in years. I think I really should get one. Love your valentines Q&A. You husbands 100 reasons why I love Cheryle is the best!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Hey, I haven't had an Icee in YEARS!!! Looks so good..

The Meme is cute..

I'm getting my haircut for Valentines..lol


Ryan said...

Here they are with my usual jaded spin:

(1) Celebrate or Not? Only because I have to.
(2) Most Romantic Gift Received – An earring that belonged to my now wife, then girlfriend that I really wanted. She gave it to me adorning a very cute teddy bear.

(3) Worst Date — The date that never happened. I had a huge crush on a girl in college. I asked her out. She said yes. I went to pick her up in her dorm room and she answered in tears and said she couldn't go and couldn't say why. Come to find out, she had just found out she was pregnant by her former boyfriend.

(4) If you could tell your significant other what you’d REALLY like for Valentine’s Day, what would you tell him/her? Back to room 116 at Country Inn Suites in Chattanooga, Tenn.

(5) Complete the sentence: “Love means never having to say _______” I forgive you. It just happens.

(6) Best Chocolate - Anything dark or cream filled or caramel filled.

(7) Dream Valentine’s Menu - Anything as along as it's at Tacky Jack's in Gulf Shores

(8) Most Romantic Movie - Valley Girl because Nicolas Cage gets his butt kicked for his woman and the movie spawned the most awesome "Melt With You" by Modern English; Honorable mentions: Pretty in Pink, and Some Kind of Wonderful

(9) If you had a Conversation Heart that said how you were feeling right now, it would say -

She's Mine!!

(10) Pink or Red? Black and Red

Greta's Corner said...

love u 2 girl

Josie said...

Coke Icees made us both very happy girls!!
I am loving your random Tuesday entries...none of my valentines days have been that spectacular butyour hubby making you a book of all the reasons he loves you...priceless!
And now thank to your blog - I am so craving chocolate!

MarkD60 said...

I love those valentine heart candies. I was looking at some big ones in the grocery store this morning!

Michelle said...

We watch Heros too! Last week I told my husband I thought the brother running for office was the father of Claire, and it felt so good to finally be right about something! :)

Ang said...

You're awesome, Cheryl! Love this meme. And the colors in your blog today just made me happy.

Heather said...

Love the Meme! Very appropriate for this season of love! I will try to answer it on my blog later in the week. I do have a plan for a post next week for my sweetie! Tee Hee!
Gotta love the Coke Icee's! The rock and are my favorite flavor too!
Great post Cheryl! I so enjoy visiting your blog!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Aww, great entry! I would have to say the most romantic gift I got from tony was a pair of diamond earrings, but what made it even more special is the fact that he bought some for the girls too! AND THAT IS MY FAVORITE SONG!!!! I am keeping your blog up for a while lol

Cinderella said...

LOL @ The little one drawing in the bowl!! Sounds like something that would happen in my house.

Your list is sweet, just like you! The 100 things I love about Cheryl book was VERY sweet. You must have cried, I would have. I am a sap though lol

Lisa L said...

(1) Celebrate or Not? We do, just a little. Dinner out, perhaps, definitely cards. I have always stressed to Leslie that Dad's give a gift to their daughters for Valentines. My Dad always got me something, just from him. I'll get something for Jake, I think a little basket this year, with miscellaneous stuff in it.
(2) Most Romantic Gift Received – My spa day gift certificate was great, but I don't know about romantic. Thoughtfulness gets to me. Like when we stop at a Quick Mart and everybody loads up (we spend 25 bucks; it's just ridiculous) and Leslie knows I'm not crazy about drinks in a can or a bottle so he comes back to the car with a Milo's Tea and a cup with ice in it (and a straw). Not romantic I know, but the little things are very sweet. He did surprise me one year with diamond earrings, that was pretty special. How can you top that book thing? 100 things? That would take some time. Did he think that up all by himself? Gary has that artistic side. And the guitar, that makes me go awwwww. Major deposits in the love bank, go Ryan!

(3) Worst Date — I had a disastrous date in high school that I don't even want to talk about.

(4) If you could tell your significant other what you’d REALLY like for Valentine’s Day, what would you tell him/her? I'm a simple gal, probably dinner & a movie. Movies are a major treat because Leslie doesn't like to go and I Love to!

(5) Complete the sentence: “Love means never having to say _______” I apologize for the irreversible gravitational pull on my body & it's only gonna get worse.

(6) Best Chocolate - a weird favorite is the batter from cooking brownies, everybody wants the bowl at my house, why worry about raw eggs?

(7) Dream Valentine’s Menu - Just open up that Olive Garden menu and take your pick. Actually I am addicted to their portobello mushroom ravioli with a sun-dried tomato sauce, oh, and baked,stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer & lots of salad and breadsticks. But, for atmosphere I would like an adults only kind of place where everybody dresses kind of nice, subdued lighting. Maybe Ruths Chris? I've never been there but that's how I envision it. Any suggestions for that?

(8) Most Romantic Movie - Out of Africa, first and foremost, but man, major sad ending. I've just discovered Pride & Prejudice and really liked it.

(9) If you had a Conversation Heart that said how you were feeling right now, it would say - ROADTRIP, I am off tomorrow; we're taking Jake to Huntsville and I am really looking forward to all of us takin' a little drive, plus a DAY OFF.

(10) Pink or Red? I have a whole red, pink section in my closet, but I like the way I look better in red or softer pinks.