Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dear Mr. "Lost" Writers, Producers, and Casting Directors:

Thank you SO MUCH for the awesomeness of my new episode last night! You guys totally rock! You so had me going with the whole "Juliet is nice now" storyline (the last five minutes were awesome and whoever cast that chick as Juliet is a genius!), although I'm hoping that she's really playing Ben too. I think she just wants to get off that stinkin' island (who in the heck wouldnt?)

Thank you for bringing Jack back to the island. Thank you for making Sawyer look so hot. Thank you even more for making Sayid look so hot. And double thank you for putting the two of them together; maybe they can kick some booty and make people re-think this whole Juliet thing. (Maybe you could have both of them kicking booty with their shirts off? Just a teeny suggestion, but it really would make me happy!)

Thank you for answering some questions for me. Women can't give birth on the island. The Others have some amazing technology. And thank you for giving me even more questions after I've had some answered. That's what I love about this show!

Thank you for giving me a show that I can be totally obsessed with (well, at least until "Heroes" comes back, because then you're gonna have to fight for my affection!).

I'm not so sure, though, that I should be glad that everyone in my house is obsessed as well! Should I thank you for that?

Just yesterday, my three-year-old daughter and I were driving around town doing errands when she asked from the backseat, "What is shmokie?" I asked her again what she said and I eventually interpreted the word as "Smokey." I asked her, "Smokey who? Smokey from what?" and she answered, "Shmokie, that monster from Lost." (I think I'll spend some extra time with her today, working on her ABCs or numbers so that I can convince myself I'm a good Mom!)

Thank you for a great night of television! You better make me happy next week as well!"


Cheryl (aka Lost Nerd)


~gkw said...

That's great! I really loved LOST last night. I hope they keep it up!

Maria said...

OMG I love that are so creative!!!

Cinderella said...

Girl, I have never watched one epidode of lost. My family watches it but I am probably the only one of the planet that doesn't. I think I am of alien descent. =)

Glad the show makes you so happy!

Cinderella said...

on* the planet! Sowwy!! =P

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

I have no

Michelle said...

Wasn't it great last night? They totally had me up until the last 5 minutes and then I realized it was all a set up after all! My hubby had been saying how convienent it was that Claire got sick just when they returned to that side of the we know why. I still think she's not all devious - she's been wanting to go home and see her sister. They showed two times where she asked (begged) Ben to let her go home. There are still so many unanswered questions though!

TK Angels said...

Your post is so creative. I loved it.

Take care,

Pookiepie76 said...

HAHA...I am totally with you! I love both shows. Hubby and I were so glad to have some questions answered as well. My first thought was the woman is up to no good.

Hey, The scrapjack site said the slides were EVERYONE'S lo...wth? I olnt see a few. :(

Dawn Bibbs said...

Speaking of LOST...that would be me! LOL Wow, seeing how much you enjoy this show makes me wonder what else I'm missing in TV land. I'm not much of a TV it goes without saying that I've never even HEARD of LOST before!

You're not mad at me, are you? This won't stop you from reading my blog and leaving me comments, will it? Everyone has their flaws...being "lost" about LOST must be one of mine...hee hee.

Phats said...

I didn't read this post really, sorry, but I don't watch Lost. I can't get into it, and never have. I am glad you are happy though it's always nice when a show makes you happy!

Andy said...

wasn't it though? i just love the episode. my hubby of course loves it but was like ahhhhhhh i'm not watching next season i'm just waiting for it to come to dvd and then watching them all at once. i'm so tired of waiting. i encouraged him that, that idea wasn't very good because when you watch a whole season in one day or even two or even a weekend you get a little brain washed. everyone you see looks like someone from the show and you think that you to are actually living on that island. it's very hard to get off. :) i'm stoked about this next week. i hope that juliet is playing ben as well but i guess we'll see.

angel said...

i really have to rent all the lost dvd's... i haven't seen any of it!