Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Scrapjack for Today

I was so glad to get the Scrapjack challenge done for this month. The deadline was this morning and I just hadn't had the time yet to do something "just for fun," so last night during "American Idol" I spent some time scrapping this challenge and also doing one more layout.

The idea with this challenge is that you take a featured scrapbook page and scrap "jack" it--take whatever inspiration you get from it and create your own page.

This was the inspiration page:

And this is what I did with it--my layout titled "one to 15":

My layout is much more traditional than the featured one, but I took some inspiration from it and used the idea of the torn paper, strip of pictures, varied papers, circles, and handwritten journaling. I like it!

I was going to use some pictures from McKenna's 15th birthday party for the page,but then came upon these pics of McKenna when she was just one. And I got inspired to use them instead! (Omg, do you see how YOUNG I look there? Hard to believe that's me, much less McKenna!)

The journaling says: "As I prepared to scrapbook McKenna's fifteenth birthday photos, i came across these three pictures and they really touched me because...I look at them and they make me realize how time flies so quickly . my baby was, well, a baby one moment and driving a car the next...I look at them and know that I loved her so deeply then, when she was pink and brand-new, but that I love her much more--yes, more!--now. Now that I know the young lady she's become. She was miracle at one, and is a miracle now at 15."

Then, I did get inspired to do a layout with this year's birthday party pictures. I took some of the same ideas (some of the same paper line, circles, flowers, etc.--which I LOVE!) and made a 2-page layout from McKenna's party with friends. I really like how it turned out--it just feels happy to me!

Was so cool to see how my featured bloggers yesterday reacted to their "award" from me. Go back and check my list out, then go to their blogs because most of them are posting 5 featured blogs on their pages today. Should be a lot of new, fun blog reading for all of us!

Last night on "American Idol" (since I mentioned it already), it just cracked me up when Simon said to Sunjaya, "I hate saying this, but... you weren't horrible." What a compliment! So funny! LOL (Personally, i thought he WAS horrible. Ugh! The only one who did anything for me at alll last night was Blake and his version of "I Need to Know," but I must have just been in some sort of "picky" mood.) Chris wasn't too terribly bad with his version of a song which I love--so I had to add the song he sang to my video today. Love me some "Smooth."

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!


Josh said...

LO's look great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out!

Hope you have a great day!


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Love all the different pics of you!!!!! And he needs to GO HOME!!!!!!!

Gin said...

LOVE your layout!!! I think it's beautiful and the words you wrote on it are so sweet.

jessi said...

Hey cheryl!!! great scrapjack!!! I love Karla's stufff...she's a cool, cool chica!!! love the B-day Lo too!!! were not picky about last night!!! I thought the most of them were very boring!!! I loved blake...cannot not stand Sanjaya(haven't liked him from the start!!) and haley...ugh, I am having a hard time with the fact that she is still there!!!

anyway...have a fabulous day!!

Renee said...

I know people hate Simon, but he cracks me up.

Steph C said...

Great layouts as always! Did you notice that the circle theme you used with embellishments picks up on the circle earrings she was wearing in the photos at the party? It jumped right out at me! LOL!

Stacy said...

k cheryl i love your jack the pp is gorgeous!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Josh--Hey!! I love a guy who can comment on scrapbook layouts! I love yours and your wife's blog!
Adrienne--Yes, he needs to LEAVE!! ugh!
Jessi--Thanks!! That was a fun one to jack! I'm afriad that someone else will go home and we'll be stuck with both Sunjaya and Haley!
Renee--I actually like Simon too! He actually usually says what I'm thinking; he's honest and usually on-the-mark! and his little smirks are too funny!
Steph--You are SO funny!!! i didn't even notice the earrings, but you're RIGHT!!! lol
Stacy--Thanks!!! I loved your jack too!

Andy said...

loved blake, but i love him almost every week. phil or hailey will probably go this week and that is fine with me but sanjaya (however you spell it) should go. since i know that he's not then i won't even put him in the pickin' for the bottom 3. i didn't like chris though. i haven't really liked him for much of his songs. and i wonder what the judges see in him. don't we already have enough or justin timberlake with justin timberlake? i do love the song that he sang though. no one can sing them like santana though.

Pookiepie76 said...

WOW! Your lo is awesome!!
I love the circles as well...looks like you like them way more. lol

For a while I was into circles too...I am in a flower phase right now..hehehe :)

Vee said...

awesome jack!!!

aimee said...

Great layouts, as usual! I'll have to check out your previous posts. I have been way behind!

Michelle said...

I love your 1 to 15 layout! That came out great!

Ms.L said...

Those pages looks so happy to me too!

Amy Mowbray said...

Dang! I love these layouts. You're awesome!

~Telah said...

I love those layouts Cheryl! Great job!

Leah said...

Great scrapjack! Those pictures are so precious. Very cool to see the then and now layouts!

sohpiasmom said...

Awesome pages!! And I LOVE you version of the cool :)

angel said...

oh how i love your scrapping posts, that "one to fifteen" double page spread is fantastic! i think i should do something like it for damien (who's just turned 16).