Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Promised Pictures (Oh no--the hotness!! LOL) ~ And then some Random Tuesday Blog Awards! ~

I think I really dug myself into a hole when I told you all about my new haircut and promised to share pictures with all of you. There are a few of me a little bit down in this post, but I don't now if they do justice to my hotness! (Ha!! Just kidding! But, I do hope they don't disappoint everyone!!)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this past weekend (culled from A TON that I took!). My three girls at the softball park Saturday for our Fun Day (Delaney and McKenna ready to play, and Scout playing in the dirt!) . . .

And then this little gem of me at Fun Day! Yep, that's me totally acting my age. Proving that bungee cord races were not just for the 4-16 year old set, but were for 38-year-olds as well! It was really fun and I would have done it several more times if there weren't little crying children waiting for their turn! (I hate, though, that Gary missed a picture of what happened right after this--as I reached my limit and the cord pulled me back, tumbling backwards on my head with my legs flying up in the air! It was a sight!)

Now, here are some pictures from Easter Sunday. I am always SO excited when I get a picture of all five of us together(and, yes, you can see my haircut a little bit in these pics! lol)

And then of the girls posing in their pretty new outfits (that hat stayed on S all day long!)

Here we are searching for eggs at my parents' house...

And then again at Gary's parents' . . .

And now... for my Random Tuesday post this morning I'm sharing and sending out some Blog Love!

Sweet Michelle nominated me for her Thinking Blog Award along with four other really cool bloggers. The award is for blogs that make you "think" and, when you get awarded by a blogger, you are supposed to pay it forward to 5 blogs that make you think.

So, I am nominating my 5 choices this morning and hope you go check them all out!! Now, this was extremely difficult because there were about 25 that I wanted to choose. I LOVE all of my blogging friends and I wanted to nominate all of you!! But..I eventually narrowed them down to...

* Adrienne and Toya, because their Inspirational Wednesdays always make me think (of course, they usually make me just think that I'm a slacker and I really should get more done in my day!). They are so original and creative and always inspire! So, go check them out! (Oh yeah, I'm cheating and counting them as one so I can get one more blogger in! lol)

* Then, I love Maria because her posts are always so well-written and heartfelt. And her pictures (especially of her flowers!) are always just gorgeous. Go show her some love!

* And then I just couldn't resisit putting Gareth here because he always makes me so happy with his fun, jaunty comments. His blog is just hilarious, and besides he lives in Ireland which just makes me wish I was flying somewhere oveseas right now! Go visit him and then torment him with your own comments.

* I always love Jane's wonderful posts on her blog. I love reading about her adoption journey; I love her weekly book recommendations; and I love seeing pictures of and hearing stories of living in Spain.

* Go check out Leah. Her little Natalie is so adorable and I love looking at her scrapbook creations! (Besides, she's a fellow Bama girl!)

* And finally, I gotta show some love to Dawn. She's one of my newest blogger friends and her posts about her everyday life and family just always make me smile. She's one of those people that I think I would really like "in person"!

Now--all of you who I've awarded here--you have to do the same on your blog. Find five bloggers who haven't been recognized with the award yet and tell others about them!! And the rest of you--let us know what other blogs you love to read. I LOVE to discover new blogger reading material (not that I really need ANY more to become obssessed with! LOL)

Hope you all have an Excellent Tuesday!!! Love ya!! I'm taking my Hot Self into the kitchen to grab some breakfast (which I'm thinking will probably be a Chocolate Egg, leading me to believe that I won't fit into my Size 8 dress for Easter again anytime soon!)


toya said...

YAY!!! I am so deeply touched, I honestly feel like I've won something, tee hee

~Telah said...

Cheryl, your haircut looks great. I love the family pictures the best!

Jeff said...
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Cheryl Wray said...

Toya--Yay!! I love your blog!! it always inspires me!
Telah--Thanks!!I always love it when I can get a good family pic!
Jeff--Thanks for the blog recommendations! Will go check those out for sure!

Jeff said...
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jessi said...

LOVE the hair cheryl!!! And your kids had adorable dresses for the easter weekend!!! love scout's hat!!!!
Have a fabulous week!!!! Looking forward to seeing the Lo's!!! and that is a fabulous family pic!!!!

Jeff said...

The Easter pictures are great. Scout playing in the dirt is so cute!

So, blogs I like... and these are ones I read basically everyday for one reason or another:

* Towleroad. This guy single-handedly keeps up with news on a daily basis that has an impact on the GLBT community, especially around laws that are coming into affect. Plus lots of good political coverage too...and some takes on pop culture.

* Dispatches from an MFA-Seeking Writer. Brian is a MFA seeker from Minnesota and I discovered his blog when he started leaving comments on mine. Always good stuff, especially his book recommendations. And you can check out Haiku Saturday.

* Josh & Josh Are Rich And Famous. I don't remember how I found these guys now, but they are good to read since they live in Manhattan too and often point the way on things to do. Its fun to read them too because they've been life long friends and they both contribute.

* The Sidney Crosby Show. There had to be at least one hockey one in the list, right? Crosby is my favorite player these days because he is revitalizing the game. This blog focuses on his accomplishments and news.

And of course I check in here a few times a week as well! :)

EDITED: Sorry this ended up under Cheryl's comments, but I messed up the links the first time and had to fix it.

TK Angels said...

I loved seeing your Easter family pics. Everyone is so cute- oh one handsome :)

I do love your haircut. Looks great.

Take care

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my goodness, Cheryl...well don't you just ROCK?!?!? Thank you so much for the kind, kind words. I've never been "recognized" for anything before. And to me, since I LOVE blogging so much, this is quite the honor.

Thanks again and I'll get right to my "awarding".

By the way, the new doo is...MAXIMUM hot!! :-)

Steph C said...

Love the new "doo"! And no it didn't look bad before you had it done :)
The girls look gorgeous in their outfits as always! And Gary is looking good too, you two make quite the "fetching" couple!

Glad to hear you had such a great Easter. Don't forget to check out Mr. Thomas Jefferson on my site when you get a second to breathe :)

Maria said...

OMG, I feel so special and honored and humbled. THANK YOU! How very, very, kind and sweet of you to include me in your list! I feel like I just won an Oscar or something along those lines, LOL. THANKS so much my friend! I loved looking at your Easter pictures....adorable is the word that came to mind over and over. Just pure eye candy! :)
Can you tell how giddy I am? THANKS AGAIN!!!

Rene said...

Very cool - thanks for the links to some other great blogs!!!

Love the hair - but I vote that you take some closeups and post those!!! =)

Cheryl Wray said...

Jessi--I also can't wait to do some layouts of my Easter pics. But first I gotta do M and S's birthdays! LOL
Jeff--Thanks for reposting! i was about to email you and tell you I couldn't link to them.
Tk--Thanks!! We all cleaned up pretty good! lol
Dawn--You're welcome! You rock too!! LOL
Steph--Thanks for the compliments! Gary is really a cutie! Iwill pop by soon, I promise!
Maria--You were the first I thought of, because your blog just makes me happy!!
Rene--Okay, okay...i probably do need to provide some better shots, not so far away! lol

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Aww, YAY!! LOL so sweet of you!

Gareth said...

Yes there's always one that wants to play around in the dirt. I'm not suggesting that I was that one out of my siblings but I will concede that I once made a super sized castle from dirt. At least I believed that that is what I created until my mum pointed out that it wasn't bone fide dirt and well let's just say that there were cows in the next field. Give me a break, I was only 5 and the castle stuck together very well thank you very much!!! :P

I always like your pictures on this blog and if the left hand side of your new haircut was a little further over your face we would all be calling you Patch right about now :)

Thanks for the shout out! I will do that in my next post (if you remind me) lol.

Leah said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like a great Easter!

Thanks so much for the blog recognition! I'll post my "pay it forward" blog awards either today or tomorrow!

Jen said...

oh Cheryl your hair looks great, looks very light and airy.
The girls look cute too, great family shot with the flowers in the background. Very nice...

Girl~you look like you've had ZERO kids yet alone 3! Dang!

Jolene George said...

You all look so beautiful...I love all the pictures....so fun and your hair looks great!

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--You know i'd pick you!! LOL
Gareth--Thanks for that dirt story!! HA!!! Patch Cheryl, huh?
Leah--Can't wait to read your 5 blog recommendations tomorrow! yay!!
Jen--I love the flowers behind us! We always have a wire cross that everyone fills with flowers. It always makes a great photo backdrop! You're too sweet! Sometimes i feel old, but I guess the three girls keep me young!
Jolene--Thanks!! You're too sweet!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Ok, Miss Cheryl, as promised, I did my special post on my blog. Check it out when you get a second.

Thanks again!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Those photos are great.. Thanks for sharing.It looks like you had a wonderful Easter..
God Bless You


Kimberly White said...

Love your pics! Looks like you had a wonderful easter! Have a great day! Kim

Marg said...

Great pics! I love them, nd they were worth waiting for.

Vee said...

love your Easter pics
awesome blogs on the blog awards :)

Michelle said...

What great pictures and the family ones came out so nice! When I get some time I'll have to check out the bloggers you've nominated!

angel said...

i LURV the pictures! your girls look absolutely stunning in their snazzy outfits!!