Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random Tuesday--The Travel Edition

Whenever we go on road trips, the entertainment possibilities always include several things. To pass the time, the girls and whoever's not driving usually reads, listens to satellite radio, or watches a movie on the DVD player. When those options run out or just grow tiresome, one of the girls usually says, "Let's play the favorites game."

As we drove the hour home from my parents' house on Mother's Day, I realized that this favorite road game is really just Random Tuesday, the Travel Edition! Basically, the rules go something like this: we have a category of "favorites" (some of the ones we had on Sunday were "favorite drinks," "favorite ice cream flavors," "favorite male character on a tv show," and "favorite current song on the radio') and everyone writes down their three top choices (everyone needs a little notebook). Then, after everyone's made their selections, each person guesses the favorites of each other person. A scorekeeper keeps track of how many correct guesses each person gets. Basically, you find out how much you know about each person--and that's a really cool thing to do and know in a family.

(I.e., the girls and Gary were all good and knew that Sayid from "Lost" was a favorite character, but only Gary knew that one of my top ice cream flavors was Birthday Cake.)

The best part of this weekend's game was when it was Sydney's turn to pick the categories (we usually have everyone take turns choosing some). Her categories just cracked us up! They were "Favorite pencils" (uh, well...a number two?), "Favorite car seat" (we all went with hers), "Favorite icees" (my selection was white cherry!), and "Favorite hair" (of course, D went with brown, McKenna and I went with blonde, and Sydney said mommy's).

So, it really was like playing Random Tuesday...because that's what I like about my fun random posts. They help us all get to know each other a little bit better!!

I guess that means, then, that it's time for our own little game today!

I was thinking of a category for today and I began to think about all the fun end-of-school activities going on around our house. We have just two weeks left in school and there's all the fun stuff going on right now--field day, end-of-year class parties, getting your yearbook, awards ceremonies, (not so much final exams, which McKenna is having right now!), end-of-year concerts, and things like that. There's a lot of excitement and it seems like there's an acitivty each day (last night it was Fine Arts Night; today it's Delaney's 5th grade track meet).

I used to love this time of year too! As a child, there was so much excitement in a school year coming to a close and summer just around the corner!

So, my questions for today's Random Tuesday are...

(1) Where did you go to elementary school?

I went to Asbell Elementary, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I have really fond memories of it and can still picture just about every hallway, the cafeteria, and outside play areas. It's amazing how vivid it still is to me! (I can still smell the honeysuckle bushes we used to pick at recess!)

(2) What was your favorite end-of-school-year activity?

We had Kite Day,which was the coolest thing! We'd each bring our kites and our parents could come too; we had these big wide, open fields at our school to fly our kites! They'd also have things like sack races and egg tosses, and you could buy all the candy you had money for (I still remember my brown paper sack filled with giant chewy sweet tarts!). The best part was getting to go out with my parents and buy a brand-new kite for the day!

(3) What did you always look forward to summer for?

We usually didn't go on elaborate summer vacations (although there was always a big trip to Texas to visit my grandparents to look forward to!),but it was the "smaller" things I looked forward to! Things like--swimming at the lake, the ice cream man coming back around, riding bikes through the neighborhood, doing the summer reading program (did that every summer!),and lying on a beach towel under the big tree in my front yard and reading all of those books!!

(4) As summer approaches, what are you looking forward to this year?

Ooh, it feels like summer here already! (In the South, it starts in April orMay!) 92 degrees, sunny, and hot! I love it!

This summer, I'm looking forward to-- going to Panama City Beach,Florida, for an entire week!; getting away for an anniversary weekend with Gary (somewhere! anywhere!); getting passes to a theme park here in town; and lots of the "simple" things too (ice cream, playing in the backyard, watching the Braves, reading lots of books!)

So...there you have it! Join in the fun!! Post your answers here in my comment section,or post on your own blog (and tell us about it!)

Have a wonderful day!!

(And, ooh, I just love the song I added on here this morning. Is just a great "in love" song. Love the words!)


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

1. I went to Elyton Elementary which is now closed...HATE B'ham city schools, but that is another story! LOL

2. It was walking home from school on teh last day! I got to walk with ALL my friends. it was So fun!!

3.We went to the YMCA every year and LOVED it! We loved going to camp cosby...( I keep saying we, because I am thinking about my brother too lol) Its so fun now when we see the kids we grew up with! LOL and some of them I still keep in contact with!

4.Ahhhhhh, becoming a SAHM mom again! LOL

Nancy said...

I'm not going to play along today with the Random Tuesday but I did want you to know how important those "car" games are for the family. Those family memories and traditions will be treasured for a lifetime. You are one great MOM!

Gin said...

How fun!! I just love Sydney's questions. That is too cute.

Ryan said...

1. Chaffee Elementary School
2. We had Field Day and Kite Day. We had contests on Kite Day of the highest flier and the most original. I won a prize in both. My dad showed me how they made kites when he was a kid during the depression. Brown paper shoppping bags, home made glue (flour and water) sticks from a tree, string. It won the most original and then a friend and I tied about a dozen rolls of kite string together and split the highest flier award.

3. Running around the neighborhood with my friends and swimming at the local pool. There was always 8-10 of us hanging out. We rode bikes, played kick the can, baseball, etc...

4. Not sure what this summer holds. I just became supervisor so that takes priority, but we are going to join you at Al. Adventure I believe. The jury is still out on the pool bond

Missy's Blog said...

1. I went to Snively Elementary in Eloise, FL. Loved that school.

2. I loved the last day of school because they always gave out the awards that day. I especially loved my 6th grade year award's ceremony as it was my last year at that school before heading to middle school.

3. Hanging out with my friends, slumber parties, eating watermelon and having BBQs with our cousins and neighbors.

4. Spending lots of time with my family and helping my husband build our new backyard deck!

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--Yay!!!So excited you're coming home!!
Nancy--We are big game-players in our family,and we can usually come up with something to entertain ourselves!!
Gin--She is a hoot!
Ryan--That isSO cool that your school did the kite day too,and what great memories!! I hope you getthe Ala Adventures passes too; we could meet up some!!
Missy--Those are GREAT memories! Delaney is heading to middleschool this next yeartoo,so these last two weeks of school are extra-special!

Andy said...

loved the answers. thanks for another fun random tuesday. i posted mine on my blog. later.

Gareth said...

I loved Sports Day in primary school. Well actually I liked it in high school too but primary school was slightly better. Sack races, egg and spoon races, regular running races and marathons, three legged racing, obstacle course and relay races andddddddddd of course all the cool sweets and drinks afterwards. Really good way to spend one of the last few days of each academic year :)

Michelle said...

what a fun game that is to play on long road trips!

1. I went to Hanscom Elementary School at Hanscom AFB, MA.

2. Field Day!

3. I looked forward to just being out of school and staying out later to play w/friends.

4. I'm looking forward to going to MD for my sister's graduation and seeing that side of my family; for some of my extended family it's been over 2 yrs since I've seen them last!

Dawn Bibbs said...

What a great post! Ok, I have a confession to make. In one of your paragraphs, you mentioned that one of your daughters had "Fine Arts Night" at school. I had to read it again, because I thought it said "Fire Ants Night"! I thought, "WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?" LOL

1. I went to Peachcrest Elem. school in Decatur, Ga. That school was about 3 - 4 miles away from our house and I had to walk to and from everyday. Can't believe my mom made me walk that far :-).

2. My favorite end of school year activity was all the class parties and field day. It was such relief to not have to worry about "school work" for an entire week.

3. Every summer, I always had to go to my grandmothers house in Mobile, AL. As I got older, that wasn't as much fun, as there's not much to do in Mobile. But I loved going down to what we called "the island" (on the Mobile Bay & Gulf) for the annual lawn party. Other than the mosquitos the size of huey helicopters, it was a blast.

4. I'm mostly looking forward to letting the kids sleep in. I don't think we're going on a family vacation this year. But me and my DH may try and get away for a long weekend. Other than that, we may spend alot of time at the pool, go to the zoo and the Ga. Aquarium.

TK Angels said...

Love your summer answers. I will post my answers on my blog as soon as I can.

90's huh? Ugh - so not like the weather that hot. Just getting old I guess.

Take care,

Marg said...

A weeklong beach trip sounds GREAT!!! I wish I was going today!

Jeff said...

Sorry for being late to the game here, answers random Tuesday on Wednesday morning....

(1) Where did you go to elementary school?
I ended up in three different elementary schools. Grades K-3 were at a school in Flint, MI that I honestly can't remember the name of any more. In 4th Grade we were redistrcited at I ended up at Dillon Elementary, also in Flint. 5th and 6th grade were at Skyland Elementary in Tuscaloosa, AL. (I was among the students who were the last class to do 6th grade in an elementary school rather than a middle school).

(2) What was your favorite end-of-school-year activity?
The end-of-year carnival at Skyland was a lot of fun. I especially liked the endless cotton candy!

(3) What did you always look forward to summer for?
I don't remember Michgian summers well (the winters I remember with all the fun in the snow). Bama summers I remember, especially in elementary and middle school just playing outside all the time and making up various games and stuff.

(4) As summer approaches, what are you looking forward to this year? It's odd, for the first time in a couple years, we have no specific thing planned for summer, so I think this one is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants summer. That's good, it leaves us open to do who knows what :)

Wendy said...

HI CHERYL, Sorry I haven't posted a comment in a while. Thought I would play

1) I went to elementary school in Rialto, Calif.

2) It was so long ago and I can't remember. Taking pictures of everyone.

3) I loved the summer when I was young, we rode bikes, went to 31 flavors for ice cream. We didn't go on vacations as a family. Every once in a while someone would invite me to go to Disneyland.

4) this summer I am looking forward to our week at Nags Head. It is so much fun and so relaxing

Thanks for letting me play Cheyl.

Anonymous said...

Love your list! So fun.

NancyJones said...

So, my questions for today's Random Tuesday are...

(1) Where did you go to elementary school?

I went to PISGAH ELementary in Pisgah Mississippi.

(2) What was your favorite end-of-school-year activity?
I loved the last day of school activities we had games and a picnic it was sooo much fun!

(3) What did you always look forward to summer for?

WE didnt go on vacations either growing up much. BUt I LOVED riding my bike and spending time with my friends, church camps and swimming.

(4) As summer approaches, what are you looking forward to this year?

I AGREE it is soo hot already it feels liek summer. WE have soo much planned with play group this year for hte kids to do it is gonna be so much fun! Lots of exploring around and a few trips around to different zoos and stuff gonna be fun fun fun!

thsi was a fun challenge girly!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Andi--Fun!Will go check out your blog in a sec!
Gareth--We always had a day like that too, and it was SO fun!
Michelle--The trip to MD sounds fun!!
Dawn--Ha ha!! Fire Ants Night!! That would be something else, huh? I'm thining the girls and Ineed to make an Atlanta road trip this summer.Welove aqariums and have not been to the Georgia one. Maybe we could meet up?

Cheryl Wray said...

TK--It is already HOT!!! Summer comes early down here!! I will go check out your answers!
Marg--I am SO ready to go to the beach right now!!
Jeff--Mmmmm...cotton candy!! One of my favorite things in life! lol I think yoursummer sounds great!
Wendy--Hey girl!!! Good to see you here!! Nags Head sounds heavenly!!!
Nancy--Great answers!! I love going to zoos and taking little day trips!Sounds fun!

Cheryl Wray said...


Kelly said...

I went to Asbell Elementary in Fayetteville, Arkansas, too. I, too, can remember everything about it (i.e. the Gold Room, Mrs. Thompson's 4th grade, Kite Day.

I loved Kite Day, too. It was so much fun. I don't know if they still do it.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hey Cheryl, yes, we should try and meet up. You know how to reach me if ya'll decide to make the trip this summer. Take care!