Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our Family to Yours...

As promised, here are some photos from the Halloween party we had Sunday night. Gary's parents hosted the party for about 30 teenagers from our youth group. We had SO much fun and the highlight had to be dressing up! It is my favorite part of Halloween and I look forward to costumes every year!

I CANNOT wait to scrapbook some of these! (I *heart* the colors and the expressions and the happiness that pops out from them!)

Over the years, Gary and I have been Captain Caveman & Cavewoman, a Pirate & his Pirate Wench, a Gangster & Moll, Two Old Men, and more others than I can even remember. Here we are as Little Red Riding Hood & the big Bad Wolf (Sydney did NOT like Gary's costume!)...

Kim Possible, Lola Lufnagle (from "Hannah Montana"), and a Retro Witch. (Is Sydney's wig not the CUTEST?)...

(the girls told me to do a "Myspace" pic and that's what I did. LOL Not necessarily my BEST look!)

A few pictures from the party...

(oh yeah...they went there!)

And, of course, there was FOOD!! You know how I am all about food--especially sweets--so I made Ghost Cookies, homemade Caramel Pop Corn (to die for!; I literally sat there and ate spoonfuls of the caramel syrup mixture), and Monster Cupcakes...

And well, I guess it is Random Tuesday--not just Photo Overload Tuesday! LOL So...how about joining in some quick Halloween Fun for our comment-and-share-time today. If you are so inclined, answer these in my comments section or let us know that you're posting the answers on your own blog.

* Are you dressing up this Halloween? (I think you already saw evidence of my costume!!)

* If you have kids, are they dressing up? (Ditto. You've already seen my fun, very pink kids this year!)

* Do you have memories of a specific costume from your childhood? (I remember dressing up in those old plastic masks when I was little. Remember the costumes that came in a box with a plastic "dress" and hard mask? Oh how I loved them! And then in college we had some GREAT parties with excellent costumes. My favorite was one year when my two roommates and I were the Witches of Eastwick. Fun, fun!)

* If you could have any candy put in your Halloween basket, what would it be? (Cmon now, you know you do it! You pick out the good candy and hide some for later. At least I do! lol My fave candy in the basket would have to be anything Hershey's. You know, the "real" chocolate!)

* Fill in the blank: "Trick or treat____________________." (Of course we know the old stand-by, "Smell my feet; give me something good to eat." And I really loved Sydney's last year when she was a pirate: "Aargh. Give me some candy.")

Have a great Tuesday and a fun-filled Halloween (if I don't pop in here before then). Remember: "Life is a treat. Eat candy, rinse, and repeat." (Hey, I just wrote that and I SO think that could go on a Halloween card! LOL)


Nina Diane said...

Hey Cheryl...love the costumes!
**I'm not dressing up this year!
**Grandson Maddox will be a Monkey!
**I remember my brother dressing up as the mummy...we rolled him in shredded up sheets and he left a trail of sheets all over the neighborhood.
**Fave candy is Almond Joy and Butterfingers...yum yum
**Trick or treat....uhhh, I dunno!

Rhonda G. said...

cute stuff...love the nutter butter ghost cookies!

Both the girls are going to be witches this year.

favorite cany--almond joy and snickers

Kathy said...

What a fun bunch you have! I LOVE all of the costumes!

We don't really dress up or anything for Halloween. I would love to start having a party every year. But you know how that goes.

My favorite Halloween candy is the Caramel Apple Pops! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. When we give out candy this is what we give.

Have a Happy Halloween!

P.S. Yes it's all your fault about the Twilight Series! LOL I even changed my blog post to blame you! ROFL!

Adrienne said...

Hahahaha! you guys look great!!!

Kathy said...

P.S.S. I think you should post the recipe for the caramel popcorn on your blog!!

patti_cake said...

I had cheated and looked at them on Gary's blog (lurked) I love the costumes and I wanted me & Stacy to be RRH & BBW!
Are you dressing up this Halloween? Sadly, No.

* If you have kids, are they dressing up? (Ditto. You've already seen my fun, very pink kids this year!) Yes but you have to visit my blog on Tursday to see what she's going to be (*hint* not the witch she was a Boo At The Zoo either*)

* Do you have memories of a specific costume from your childhood? This may classify as "weird" but I was a witch EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

* If you could have any candy put in your Halloween basket, what would it be? Whoppers

* Fill in the blank: "Trick or treat__smell my feetgive me something good to eat, If you don't, I don't care, i'll pull down your underwear!_____

Jeff said...

I am sooo boring this week.
- Not dressing up
- No kids
- I was an army officer one year in high school, in a dress uniform that belonged to a friend's dad. That was kinda fun!
- Bring on the Butterfingers!!!!
- I have no idea what to answer for this last one.

The pics look great! I can see why Sidney would not like Gary's costume.

The KP costume looks awesome! Well done.

And if you'd like to package up some of those goodies and send them up here, that would be fine by me ;)

Cheryl Wray said...

Nina--The monkey sounds TOO cute!!! Mmm...love butterfingers!

Rhonda--Witches are ALWAYS fun!!

Kathy--I always want to host a big bash at my house too, and never quite get around to it. Have never tried those pops, but may have to find them! I'm SO glad I got you hooked on the books! LOL


Kathy again--Good idea! i will share with you all!

Patti--I can't wait to see what she is for Halloween! I will be visiting your blog to find out!

Jeff--Hmmm, maybe Rufus will have to bring some goodies back with him!! LOL (And, by the way, there will be a Rufus post later in the week!)

MsGrace said...

I love the costumes...what fun!
I will answer the questions on my own blog & invite others to answer as well...such a fun idea.

I just love Halloween!


NancyJones said...

YES we got trick or treatin, yup we dress up, but im not this year... shingles. I look scary enough just as me... Bella is gonna be a BARBIE PRINCESS, my fav candy is reeses (sending me some are ya??? HA!) trick or treat.. PLEASE? roflmbo

Marjolein said...

Oooooh these photos are so adorable, love them!!!
Halloween is new for us, kids do dress up, at least, the youngest, and for the rest....sorry, don't know any of this yet:-)

NancyJones said...

PS: I am doin a give away on my blog COME LEAVE A COMMENT SO YOU CAN BE PUT IN THE DRAWIN, every day you leave a comment your name gets thrown in again. :)
tell everybody we got some fun prizes we are giving away not JUST the one thing that is listed hehehehehe its a surprise.

Rock'nmama said...

oh my goodness I love all those costumes!

My hubs, baby and I are pirates.

Last year we were scarecrow (hubs) lion (baby) and I was Dorthy.

Just Me Again said...

I LOVE you, Gary's and your kids custumes! How very fun!
These are my answers:

Are you dressing up this Halloween? No...but you are inspiring me to get into it and think of something for tomorrow.

* If you have kids, are they dressing up? Yes, Sabrina will be a witch this year.

* Do you have memories of a specific costume from your childhood?
I remember a witch custume that my mom made me in kindergarten, but I hated it because I wanted to be a princess like a little classmate...as an adult, I appreciated it more since I realized she put so much work into it (she hand-made mine) and looking at old photos I notice the princess costume of my little friend was store bought. Nothing compares to hand-made works of art! But I didn't know any better then.

* If you could have any candy put in your Halloween basket, what would it be? Milk chocolate....but I can't have any...I do have a little dark chocolate once in a while...and yes, I've been saving some for Halloween!

* Fill in the blank: "Trick or treat, just give me a good treat, would ya?"

I totally LOVE your new quote: "Life is a treat. Eat candy, rinse, and repeat."

Melissa said...

Love the costumes :)
1. Not dressing up.
2. Tanner will be a Pirate
3. We ordered Pizza every Halloween and ate while we got dressed.
4. M&Ms
5. Treat or Treat, smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. (that's what comes to mind)

camport said...

great, great pics! I want to be in your family. :)

I'll do the questions on my blog b/c I have not a thing else to post about today{not yet anyways}

The popcorn looks fabulous!!

Off to find something to eat that will make me forget about the carmel popcorn.


Ms.L said...

Oh what fun!!
I love the costumes,you all look great and the food,oh the FOOD!
I could so use some of that popcorn right now!

Anonymous said...







Cheryl Wray said...

Laura--Oh yay!! I will come check out your blog!!

Nancy--That is exactly what people said. She looks like a doll!! Oh yuck on the shingles!!!

Marjolein--You're bound to catch on quick with Halloween. It's TOO fun!!

Nancy2--Ooh, cool! I will come check it out ina minute!

Rocknmama--Okay, those costumes sound seriously cute!! I love family matching costumes!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Maria--I just LOVE that story about your handmade costume when you were little. We don't really appreciate stuff like that at the time, do we?

Melissa--Love the memory of eating pizza while getting dressed up. A great tradition!!

Chrissy--The popcorn WAS so GOOD!!!! One of my fave fall treats!! I will come check out your blog too! :-)

Ms. L--Sorry I'm tempting all of you guys with the popcorn! lol

Bobby--Those costumes are CLASSIC!!!! I love them! You must take pictures!!

skrpndiva said...

OMG, that could so go on a Halloween card!

I dressed up as Spiderella something or other on Saturday (see my blog for pics).

dd is a pirate, ds is a 60s guru.

Best memory: Don't think I have one. Maybe when my friends and I dressed as geek cheerleaders for a party.

Fave candy: Has to be Payday

Trick or treat, don't smell my feet, or you won't want anything sweet. If you do, I don't care, I'm just saying, you BEWARE!

I've no idea...not bad for just making it up on the spot huh????


~Nancy~ said...

OH woooww.. how awesome are these pics!!! SO cool!!! I bet you had a great time! And love the costumes.. this makes me wish even more that we had Halloween in Europe!!!! Have a great Halloween tomorrow too! XOXO

Kelly said...

I'm not dressing up, but one year I was Peter Pan (I have short hair). My kids are dressing up. Kendall will be Ariel as a bride and Clayton will probably change his mind at the last minute.

Now, I think it would have been a hoot if you were the big, bad wolf and GAry was Little Red Riding Hood. ha

oh yeah, I love snickers!!!

Kimberly said...

Love your costumes and hope u have a happy halloween. We won't get to go trick or treating this year because it falls on wednesday..we have church..but the kids got plenty of candy at our church party...check out my blog. Roll Tide!

Cheryl Wray said...

Jacquie--I checked out your photos of the party and the costumes! They were GREAT!!! And, yes, that was great for thinking quick! Love it! :-)

Nancy--It WAS fun!!!! WE love dressing up. I guess it's just the kid in me still! I say that youcan make Halloween come to your own little corner of Europe! :-)

Kelly--Ha ha!!! I will have to mention that to GAry. Maybe I can convince him to do it tomorrow night!

Kimberly--Yeah, with it being on Wednesday we will do the Trunk or Treat thing and just do a little bit of trick or treating. Going to check your post out!!

HEWY said...

LOl That was awesome!!

Gin said...

Those pics are SO GREAT!! I love them, Cheryl!

Andy said...

love the halloween pictures and food. it's been a while since i've had time to do random tuesday. i may do this one. i've been checking your blog out some but time is so limited with the new little guy. thanks for visiting mine some and for your comments about sawyer. we just love him.

Mississippi Songbird said...

This is a great blog entry.I love the photos too.
My kids are going to go to Judgement House with the church tomorrow night..
I'll hand out treats from home..
I hope all of you have a safe and Happy Halloween..
I just love those nutterbutter ghosts.

Rachael said...

Wow, how fun!! What great costumes and great eats too!

Phats said...

may I have some of those delicious looking cookies??

I went to a party at Purdue and Kristen was Smurfette, and I was Papa Smurf pictures WON'T be appearing on my blog haha.

I was once a rubix cube for Halloween in like the 3rd grade

Grey said...

love the photos...

I actually don't like Halloween.
I posted a photo of why I don't.

Ever since the first grade I hated dressing up.

Anyways.... I will be handing out treats to all the brave little ones who go out tonight. It is cold and snowy here...With any luck it will be a balmy 32 at trick or treat time.

I like the chewy toffee candies. I am not a big fan of chocolate.

Happy Halloween!

Sheila said...

Happy Halloween. Great pics for scrapping... One of my favorite candy is butterfinger...lol

Katrin said...

Looks like you had a great party! Again, I wish we had Halloween here... I'd much rather be scary for dressing up than silly. Oh well!
Sorry to say, but Hershey's is disgusting - for the European taste at least. In the office that I work at anything sweet will be eaten within a day. Once we had H's kisses and they lay around for about two months! :)

P.S.: Thanks for your tip on my last post. The problem is, sometimes I HAVE TO be around people I dislike - e.g. my brother's (now ex-) girlfriend. :(

Linda said...

Oh my goodness girl, those costumes are just adorable, and the party looks like it was too much fun.

I am not dressing up this year...where I live no one trick or treats, they all go up to the town which is very tiny and have a group hang out for the kids.

My Oldest DD was Daisy Duke (didn't like that much) hehehe, and Kaitie my youngest, 17 doesn't want to dress up because she is not going to a party.

I always made my costumes and loved all of them, I made my dd a ladybug one year and that was one of my favs.

Trick or treat....smell my feet....give me something good to eat.

Fave candy... obsessed with butterfingers, almond joy, hersheys chocolate truffle kisses.


Travis Erwin said...

great pics. Love the color coordination of your gang.

Dawn Bibbs said...

WOW, I'm the 37th commenter!!! You're so popular :-D.

I was gonna comment yeterday, but the phone rang and I lost my train of thought. Guess that comes with being so close to 41, lol.

Before I answer your fun questions, I have to say, your families costumes are great! You guys really do it up, don't you? I got a little nervous when I saw those 2 guys. I truly thought they were...um, "beauty challenged" women...LOL.

Here's my answers:

1. Are you dressing up? Nope. I don't really do the dressing up thing. I have this phobia about embarassing myself.
2. If you have kids, are they dressing up? Yes, Jayla will be a cheerleader. It wasn't until last year that I let my kids dress up and participate in Halloween. My kids have always been kinda scared of things (EVERYTHING actually). Even people dressed up in non-scary costumes. So we just didn't let them do it until recently. Not to mention, in recent years, older kids (younger adults) have made it so demonic. Sorry for the long answer.
3. Do you have memories of a specific costume from your childhood? Yes. I remember one year, my mom MADE me dress up like a Gypsie. I've gotta put my hands on those pictures. I looked a HOT MESS!!!
4. If you could have any candy in your halloween basket, what would it be? Ok, for the record...I LOVE chocolate. But I think my favs are, Almond Joys, 100 Grand bar, Almond Joys, Snickers and ALMOND JOYS!!! :-)
5. Fill in the blank: "Trick or treat.....: I think mine is the same one as the one you remember. I guess I'm pretty lame.

Have a FUN night!!!

Susie Q said...

LOVE this! All you gurls look wonderful and that wolf..well...he is a rather handsome, albeit, scary thing!

I love this list...lots of fun. Grace was a 1956 girl...HER idea believe it or not! And she had quite the haul of goodies too!

LOVE M&Ms and 3 Musketeers and Hershey bars.

OOh Reece's Peanut Butter Cups. : )

Love and happy November!!


Paul-ene said...

oh...thanks for sharing your Halloween Party fun! I love how you all dressed up in your costumes. Your costumes are all super FUN! TFS!

sa said...