Monday, October 29, 2007

Well...what's up with everyone?

Let me just tell you what's going on with me...

I am SO mad at Gary...

because he took the camera to work with him and now I can't upload and then post the pictures from ourHalloween party last night. So, you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the priceless photos. (And,believe me, they ARE priceless! I think that the three girls' costumes get my nod for best costumes as a group in a long time! Well, this is only Sydney's fourth time to dress up for Halloween...but I still like the three of them this year better than any before! A Funky Witch, Lola Lufnagle from "Hannah Montana" and Kim Possible! And Gary and I as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf? Pretty good too!! And...the picture of the Caramel Popcorn. Yummo...)

Okay, I guess I need to stop there or I'll give away all the photo secrets!!

Anyway...come back tomorrow and see the pictures and re-live the party with me!

In the meantime, how about a few quick Sydney stories?

Story #1:

Driving home from Walmart Friday evening (while McKenna was at our high school football game which we won again...we are now state playoff bound!! yay!), I said to Sydney and Delaney, "Look at the moon tonight! It's beautiful!" (If you happened to see it that night, it was beautiful wasn't it? A bright, full moon!)

Sydney said back to me, "That's not the moon, Momma. It's not a crescent."

She just amazes me sometimes, with the things she picks up. She obviously thought the moon was supposed to always be crescent-shaped (that's what it looks like in books!)

Story #2:

At the Halloween party last night, Sydney was all duded up as Kim Possible. The best part of her costume is the red wig. She was so proud of that wig, but was concerned that people might not know who she "really" was. We all stood around the campfire with about ten teenagers around it and she whispered real quietly to me, "Momma. I don't think these people know who I am." I asked her if she wanted me to introduce her to everyone, to which she said yes. So I announced: "Everyone, this is Sydney. She does't want all of you to think she's Kim Possible. It's really her." They all yelled back to her, "Hey Sydney," and she just melted with happiness. (She also spent the rest of the evening showing people her real hair under her wig, just in case they didn't know who she was; she also sang the "Kim Possible" theme song and did KP cheers for everyone. She kinda stole the show!)

(I had a third story to tell, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I actually remember thinking to myself, "I have got to remember that one. It's perfect!" But I have completely lost it. Don't you hate it when that happens?)

Well... I'm off to take a shower, work on two articles due by Wednesday, and start reading all the online hype about next Saturday's Bama-LSU game (I'm already TOO excited about it! I may have a coronary by the time next weekend arrives!).

(And, hey, if you love football and haven't seen this yet...go see the craziest end-of-game play I think I've ever seen. It's HERE )

Have a WONDERFUL Monday!!! Talk to you all again soon!!


Josie said...

I saw that clip on the news..crazy..what an exciting ending!
Can't wait to see pics!

Lynilu said...

I love your stories about the girls. Always so cute! Pinch Gary for me! Looking forward to the pix!

Lynilu said...

PS - I'll bet he's going to download the pix and beat you to the punch! I'm gonna go see!

~gkw said...

HAH!!! now they'll all come to MY blog to see the pics!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Josie--It's was crazy!! I can't wait to download the pics and check them all out. I hope they're as good as I think they are--because then I can't wait to do some scrapbook pages of them!

Lynilu--Okay, consider Gary pinched! (And, of course he's put some pics out on his blog already!)

Gary--I'm pinching you!

patti_cake said...

Well all your excitement got me excited! LOL Can't wait to see the Halloween pics!

camport said...

I hate it when I can't get to my pics!! Can't wait to see 'em.


mapiprincesa! said...

Wow! Sounds like fun...don't you just love Halloween? Have a wonderful week!

Dawn Bibbs said...

GREAT stories, Cheryl. I just love hearing/reading about things that your baby says. I guess it just helps me to see that it's not just me (and Jayla) :-).

Renee said...

Go Tigers!!! (holding my hands up to protect myself)

Kathy said...

BUMMER! He took your pictures with him!
Can't wait to see them tomorrow!
Love the stories!

Edleen said...

Monday was good for us here :D it's already Tuesday morning *wink*

sounds like you had a blast! can't wait to see the pictures!

Edleen said...
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Adrienne said...

Hahaha! Tony and I saw that on EPSN a little while ago. Did you see when all of the Georgia team celebrated in the endzone? lol

Wendy G said...

See what I'm have got it together with this Momma thing. That was so sweet the way you introduced Sydney as KP. Sounds like you all had a great time. Have a safe Halloween.

angelsamoungus said...

I enjoy your stories. Sidney is one after my heart. Congrats on making the state finals.

Take care,

Paul-ene said...

Ha! Your Dh is introuble now hey.

Can't wait to see your pixs.

FYI: there is a blog party on Halloween night. I am spreading the word out. Looks like FUN! Hope I have time for it. Here is the link

Susie Q said...

I always love your stories!!!

Even without pictures! : )

Love and hugs,