Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend Top Five

In the spirit of sports (since you guys know that sports pretty much rule my weekend!), I thought I'd present my weekend recap to you in the form of a Top Five list. (I am a BIG list fan. I could spend ALL afternoon watching the "Top 10 Most Spectacular Comebacks of All Time"or the "20 Best One-Hit Wonders," or the "25 Most Spectacularly Tacky Celebrities.")

My Top Five Happenings, Events, and Little Moments from the weekend included...

1. Cotton Candy at the Bama football game

Because, well, cotton candy was pretty much the highlight! I totally thought that we might have trouble in the game, even though it was Homecoming and a lot of people were predicting an easy win. But there I was yet again! Covering my eyes, afraid to look and see what would happen with 5 seconds to go and Houston going for the win. Thank goodness, we pulled off the win--and Delaney had a GREAT time going to the game--but it was just too close for comfort. I took solace in my big bag of cavity-causing goodness. Nothing like cotton candy to ease the pain!

2. Best in Class Color Guard

After winning another high school football game Friday night (we're 6-0) and McKenna's color guard team doing great in their halftime show, they went to a competition on Saturday and won Best Color Guard in their class! This was especially great news, since McKenna called me while I was still at the Alabama game VERY upset about how she'd performed. She'd dropped her flag and felt like she might have been responsible for the squad getting low scores. I reassured her (using the "no one person is to praise or blame for a team winning or losing" argument that I have dcountless times with Delaney and softball) and then got the news just a few hours later that they had received all 1s and got best squad in their division. She was practically giddy about it!

3. "George Washington is on my Dollar"

My favorite quote from Sydney this weekend came on Friday night, when she sat in her car seat studying the dollar Gary had just given her "to buy something good at the football game." Out of the blue she announced, "George Washington is on my dollar." Delaney looked at me incredulously and I looked back at Sydney and asked, "How in the world did you know that?" She explained that she'd heard it on tv, and then I decided to test her on her presidential knowledge. "And who is George Washington?" I asked. She answered, "He has white, curly hair." I laughed and said she was right, then taught her that he was our first president. "Oh yeah, a president," she answered.

4. "You have to climb on the bumps."

My favorite line from our church sermon yesterday was, "You have to climb on the bumps to get up the mountain." The gist of the message was this--life is full of challenges and hard times; it is never an easy path. The best way to hike up a literal mountain is to climb on the bumps and the rock. It's true that way with life, too. You just have to attack it full-on, and realize that you've got God there to guide you through it!

5. My new DVR

The cable guy came Friday afternoon (he was supposed to get there sometime between 8 am and noon, but of course didn't get there until 2! BUT...after he installed this amazing digital recording system, I totally forgave him for his tardiness!) and we are all so excited! All weekend long we played with recording shows, re-watching football games and zooming through the plays as fast as we could, and rewinding during live tv. It pretty much had me admitting, "I'm in love with the cable guy."And Gary is totally okay with that, because it means he was able to watch the LSU-Florida game he missed on Saturday in under an hour. I think he'd admit he's kinda infatuated with the cable guy as well!

What was your Top Five this past weekend? Or your Top Two? Or, heck, even the one best thing that happened since Friday? Give me the scoop. I love to keep updated with all of you!

Talk with you again soon!


HEWY said...

Great List

Phats said...

Hey Cheryl Great list!! :)

GO BAMA! I was surprised to see that score, I actually have a question for your or Gary on my new post, also sorry but I gave him bragging rights haha

~gkw said...

Cute!! Yes phats, it really was that close and it Houston would have had another 2 minutes they would have won!

Adrienne said...

Great list!! YAY for the DVR!!!!!

patti_cake said...

I love your lists!
I was sick all week-end so my top thing has to be I SURVIVED!

Cheryl Wray said...


Phats--To answer your question: Yes,it really was that close at the end!! It came down to us having to stop them on a winning touchdown attempt in the end zone at the buzzer.Thank goodness we stopped them!


Adrienne--Yay for DVR!!!!!

Patti--Oh, yuck!! I hate weekends like that!!

Nina Diane said...

Hey Cheryl
here's my weekend top 5
1. "Do we really need this"...we have a clean garage!
2. "Out of control" shopping trip at the Gap
3. "Football baby"...went to the Skins game, sitting in a corporate suite....rooting for the Lions in a room full of Washington fans
4. "Christmas"...bought some Christmas presents over the weekend
5. "Let's walk" grandson taking 3 steps to me!

Just Me Again said...

Fabulous list Cheryl...I love your posts, you always find many creative way to make us participate!
Here is my list of five.
1) A wondeful walk by the lake shore with my daughter, by ourselves, looking for clear water shells and pretty rocks. I truly found this little bit of time with her, a magical moment in time. We talked, we laughed, we shared stories...we just had the best time ever. Just us two. We were gone, away from the rest of the group, for over an hour! So fun indeed.
2) Another super fun time this weekend was when we, (hubby, DD and I) stayed in the motor home alone when everybody else went out for a walk and we decided to stay and have hot chocolate with marshmellows (yes, totally blew the diet for this one time, but it was so worth it!)
3) A nice hike on Saturday morning with all the family (even my mother in law.) We run into beautiful sightings and I got amazing pictures from way up at the top of the mountain. Divine times.
4) Coming back home...always nice to return home after a camping trip! Being able to take a long shower in my own bathroom was heavenly!
5) Reading you blog today!

baberry said...

hi cheryl,

My top 5.
1. "I will leave you" during my sons first tantrum
2. 'Cool picture' of my son after said tantrum
3." I am NOT joking, I will leave you1' after son's second tantrum
4. 'Not you too?' Once my daughter decided to make the solo tantrum act a duo.
5. 'That's it, were going home'

Yeah, it was just like that but more animated. Pray for me!


Melissa said...

I could not live without my DVR! It totally makes life easy. Tanner's favorite cartoons are always on! (only, not at Grandma's house...)


Gin said...

Fun list! Sydney is so funny!

Linda said...

I totally love the line from the sermon. I think about that a lot, in order to live life, you gotta face the challenges. Love the way it was put. thanks for sharing.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Cheryl, I bet you sleep GOOD at night, huh? You have got to be the busiest woman/mom/wife I know!!! What a great list! You make my little weekend recaps sound like a trip to the mailbox! LOL

Renee said...

Let's see, part of mine would be 'Having dinner with Mark without the kids!' and 'Going to the park WITH the kids'.

Cheryl Wray said...

Nina--How fun did that have to be?Cheering against the Redskins surrounded by Redskins fans. I love it!! Can't wait for the game tonight!!

Maria--I LOVE the things on your list!!Sounds like such a great visit in the outdoors. Just wonderful!!

Yvonne--Okay, I know that wasn't supposed tobe funny and I TOTALLY relate to the kids' tantrums and fighting.But still...I LOVED how you put it in that list!! Hope your day gets better!!!

Melissa--Oh, I am SO lovin the DVR! Tonight I have a meeting so I'm recording both Heroes and the Cowboys game! :-)

Gin--She IS funny, that's for sure!!

Linda--It really spoke to me too. Life is always gonna be hard; there's just no way around it.It's how you tackle the problems that define you!

Dawn--Life IS busy and sometimes I wish that it was slower. But,you know? When it's slow, I wish I had more to do! lol

Renee--Oh, dinner out with the husband would be SO nice!!

Leah said...

Your weekends make me so tired! LOL But sounds like so much fun.

Jeff said...

I'll do a top 3...

1. The Tigers won their season opener. We only had eight people playing Saturday night, and we held our own, kept our energy and won 2-1. Yay!

2. We cleared off the insane amount of programming we had on our DVR (beware, the DVR can help get you very behind in TV viewing).

3. Will made yummy coconut cream pie for a weekend treat.

Linda said...

thanx for the compliments on the pics. I'm with you, I love an angle shot, very fun. I was all over the driveway on that, made my hubby laugh.

The challenge thing, yeah, we all have them, sometimes, a lot of times, they aren't even about forgiveness, but it is awesome that you have that trait in you and don't hold on to a lot. That's a very rare thing to have. It's taken me years to get there, but i'm a lot like that now....

I hope you do do a lo. I would love to see it. I'm going to get one done too. Love and hugs friend.

Mississippi Songbird said...

A new DRV! I am so
Sounds like a good weekend.. Especially the cotton candy..

Ryan said...

5. Doing music w/kids for Children's Church. Had a great song I sang at camp as a kid that had them jumping up and down in their seats!!

4. Halloween shopping and picking up some spooky tid-bits and Jane's Halloween costume.

3. Feeding geese at a park near my work with wife and kids and sitting on a blanket eating snacks whilst the geese nonchalantly "strolled" by to see what we were eating

2. Getting to watch my new favorite TV show "Chuck" twice, once on Saturday as a rerun of last week and then again on Monday night cause I was off from work.

1. Getting the Halloween decorations out of the attic and Beginning the haunting of our house for Halloween!!! BOOO!!!!

Heather said...

I love lists too! I want the cable guy to come install one of those thingys too. LOL Really cute blog! GO LSU! Hehehe.