Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tell Me How Ya Met...

So, I was on Facebook the other day reading all of the versions of the "25 Random Facts About Me" list that's going around and around over there (and that I blogged about HERE last week), and I came upon an interesting fact posted by my friend, Ingrid.

Ingrid mentioned that she and her husband, Ian, met because of ME. I had totally forgotten that fact, and so I totally enjoyed reliving that moment from many, many years ago. My first husband and I hosted a party (maybe it was a Halloween party? I can't remember) and Ingrid came, because she was my best friend's sister. And Ian came because he was a friend of my first husband. The fates intervened and Ingrid and Ian met up; they started dating and were soon in love (aahhh....). They were married a few years later and just now had their first children (twin little girls with two of my favorite names ever...Gabrielle and Violet; although, seriously, shouldn't they have named one of them Ione or Iriana or something with an "I"?). I kinda realized how very cool it was that I was somewhat responsible for starting their relationship, and helping create their sweet life together. Kinda made me a little bit teary-eyed.

Which got me to thinking about some other "How We Met" stories. And, since it is now officially The Month of Love, I thought you might let me indulge you with a couple of my favorite such stories.

I had a great Aunt Pearl (she of the sisters named Pearl, Ruby, and Opal; seriously, how funny is that?) who had lost her husband and swore she'd never marry again. As life would do sometimes, she became lonely and changed her mind several years later and, without any of us knowing about it, put a classified ad in the National Enquirer (I guess it was sorta the precursor of Match.com and all those dating sites today). She got several letters back and began corresponding with Bert from Pennsylvania. Not long afterwards, Bert flew from Pennsylvania to Dallas and they met for the first time when he touched down in Texas. They married and her husband-met-in-the-tabloids became my Uncle Bert. (They've both been passed away now for several years, but apparently they were quite devoted to each other.)

My own parents have a great story and their relationship is always one of those that teaches that quick courtships do sometimes have a way of working out. The first time my Dad saw my Mom was on campus at East Texas State University; he was doing a survey for the campus newspaper about an upcoming election and and taking pictures to go along with it. He stopped to "interview" Mom and actually has a picture of the first time he ever saw her (how about that for a special memento?). That night they saw each other again at a campus political meeting and began dating soon afterwards. They were married six months after they met (and just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary).

My Mom tells the story of someone in our family (I swear I'm not making this one up! but I totally need to find out the details) who met her future husband on an airplane. When the plane met, they ran off and got married!

My friend, Kelly, and her husband Pete met on an airplane too (although they waited a while longer to get married!); my friends Chris and Charles met at church; my friends Angi and Johnny met when Johnny sorta stalked her; Gary's grandparents met while they were on a double date with other dates.

But you know what my favorite meeting-up story is? Why, it's how Gary and I met (of course!).

Gary and I met on a dance floor (we also had our first kiss on a dance floor, and he proposed to me on a dance floor. Sounds to me like we need to go dancing again!). The back story goes something like this...

Gary and I were at the same restaurant/club that night to hear a friend, Barry, play in his band. I had worked with Barry at a publishing company; he was our team's artist and I was a copy editor, but now I no longer worked there and was in graduate school. Barry had asked me to come hear him play countless times over the three years that he and I worked together, but I'd never made it to one of his gigs. Gary was friends with Barry because he had also worked at the same company as an accountant (even though he now had another job) and he often came to hear him play. On that night, I had talked my friends Cheryl and Angela into going to Birmingham to hear the band.

Gary asked me to dance, we talked some on the dance floor, and then about 30 minutes later he motioned to me to come talk to him outside in the lobby area. We discovered that we'd worked in the same building, yet had never met (a good thing, since we were both married at the time); I told him about my two-year-old McKenna, and he got my phone number. He drove off in his little red Miata convertible that night and I sure thought he was cute. (While Cheryl and Angela warned me about him; they didn't want me to get hurt again like I had been before, and were good, possessive friends.)

Because of final exams I was in the middle of at school, we didn't get to go out for another two weeks (he always says he thought I was just blowing him off, but I really did have to study). We went out, kept going out, and have never been apart since.

We always laugh that the fates were transpiring for us to get together that night, because so many things came into play for us to meet. It was the only time I'd ever come to hear Barry play; Gary almost backed out at the last minute because he wasn't feeling well; the irony of us having worked together, but never having met beforehand.

It all came full circle when Gary brought me back to the same place six months later and asked me to dance on the dance floor where we'd first met, with the same band playing in the background. (The old 60s song, "These Eyes," was played both times. Randomly the first time, but arranged the second time around.)

It's definitely a great story to tell our girls, and to tell our grandkids someday .

Back then, we looked like this (all skinny and sans-grey hair)...

and we're still kinda cute together today (although we don't go dancing like we used to; and it's been a long time since we've run around in that little convertible)...

Which all brings me back to the fact that it's the first Random Tuesday of February (you know, that month of hearts and roses and Love). For your Random Tuesday enjoyment today, why don't you tell us about how you and your sweetie met? If you don't have a sweetie, tell us about another good "how we met" story from your life or from your family. I just know I will love hearing them all! (Post here in my comments section, or let us know that you're posting it on your own blog).

I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday. And go give a kiss to that guy who asked you to dance (or stalked you, or or whatever it may have been...).


Jeff said...

A perfect post for February, just 11 days away from Valentine's Day.

I think you know the story of how Will and I met while doing a play in California. But if you need a recap, or the blog audience wants to check it out, it's all written up over on the site: http://www.jeffandwill.com/about/

See you in a few days!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey Jeff--
Yep, I KNOW your story and love it!! Actually, I know that a lot of my regular visitors have already shared their stories here before...but maybe we can learn some new ones from some of my newer blog friends.

Can't wait to see you and Angela on Friday. Yippee!!!

Kathy said...

My husband and I met over in Germany.

He was in the Air Force, and I was in the Army.

I had just arrived in Germany, and was still recuperating from jet lag and a cold that I had picked up.

My roommate was supposed to be going to a theme park with him and a friend of his.

She asked if I wanted to go with them, but I said no, because I wasn't feeling well. I glanced out the window and saw them getting ready to leave. I saw Rick and how cute he looked, and changed my mind. LOL!

We ended up not going to the theme park, but to Darmstadt instead. Rick's ex-sister-in-law was living there with his niece & nephew. (She had divorced his brother and moved back to Germany. They met while he was in the Army) He hadn't seen them in a while, so we decided to go there for a visit.

We stayed there for several hours, then headed to a little pizza place on the corner, because I was craving pizza.

After that, we left and headed to Munich, because they all wanted to party. (Everyone went to Munich to party!) Well, I couldn't take the partying that much, because I was really feeling bad. So, we headed back towards home. BUT, we got lost! LOL!

We wandered aimlessly for a while, but we finally made it back home.

We have been together since then. We met the last week of June or the first week of July, (I cannot remember exactly) moved in together on August 31st, and were married October 11th. We have been married for 23 years now.

Stephenie said...

He may only be my boyfriend, but he's my sweetie. Ray and I met in December 2007, the night of the Children's Christmas Play. I stayed afterwards for food in the fellowship hall with my family. I spotted my friend Allen across the room and got up to go say hello. I walked up and started talking to him. Ray was sitting right beside him talking to someone else. Allen had been trying for months to get Ray and I together, but the timing was never right for us to meet. So, he nudged Ray and introduced us. When I saw those baby blues, I knew they'd be unforgettable. I went out for icecream with Allen but Ray couldn't go that night. So, a few weeks passed. Then, on Christmas Day, Allen, Ray, Ryan, and myself went to see a movie and to the park. Ray and I were flirting but not being too obvious about it. Then, another week passed. He was all I could think about. New Years Day rolls around. Allen invites me and one of his girlfriends over to watch the Georgia Hawaii game with him and Ray. So, we agree to it. We all wrestled around and acted crazy, but the time came for me to leave. Ray followed me outside to make sure I made it to my car safely. We stood talking and laughing and eventually, he got up the courage to kiss me. And before I knew it, we were a couple. And we haven't been separated since then.

Monogram Queen said...

I know i've posted this on my blog.. somewhere but here goes.
I worked at a motel as a desk clerk and Stacy was working construction and staying there as his home was two hours away.
He hung around the desk flirting and talking to me and finally got up the courage to ask me out. I shot him down because, well you just don't date guests.
Too many married truckers try to get you to go out - believe me.
He didn't give up, bless his heart. I finally told him i'd go to Dunkin' Donuts with him if he'd leave me alone and we went and went out for about six months. At that time I found out he was still technically "with" his highschool girlfriend and I dropped him like a hot potato.
He kept calling me for five years. He and his ex were long over (about two years) before I finally, for some unknown reason returned his phone call in June 1994 and... we were married in October 1994.
He said (and his Dad backed this up) "If I can EVER get that girl to go out with me again i'm going to marry her". and he did.
It will be 15 years this October and I have no regrets. He's a terrific husband and father and has given me the greatest gift of all.
Our Daughter.

Monogram Queen said...

Also I tried to comment on Jeff's story but I couldn't find a place. I love romance *sigh*

Ms.L said...

What a great post! And I loved reading everyone's stories:)

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is something you didn't know about.

Gary, being divorced and back in the dating field, loved his little red Miata. He was on his second red Miata when he met you. He was always coming home talking about these wonderful girls he had met. When he came home talking about this wonderful girl named Cheryl, we didn't think any more about her than the other girls, but when he came home in a little red truck with a king cab because there was no room in the Miata for a car seat, we know this was serious. I guess a blond named Cheryl and a little blond named McKenna was more important to him than the Miata.
Love, Gary's Mom

Jeff said...

Hi Monogram Queen, sorry you couldn't comment over on my site. We allow comments on the blog, but not on the regular pages. Glad you liked the romance :)

Your story is great. I love that he kept calling!

hippo chick said...

Oh, this is such fun. I am feeling under the weather today so will save my story, and those of some of my family, for another day.

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

Kathy--Oh, I LOVE your story. You guys were definitely meant to be together!

Steph--You guys are too cute!!! I'm so glad you and Raymond got together; you really are perfect for each other.

Queen--This is the BEST story. Stacy truly was persistent, wasn't he? He knew what he wanted. I love it! :-)

Cheryl Wray said...

Ms. L--I love reading these sorts of stories! :-)

Clara--That's what everyone says! Ha! That they knew Gary was serious about me when he traded in the Miata for a truck that could hold a car seat. Too sweet!

Hippo--I hope you feel better SOON!!! Because I need to find out more about how you and Jim met! :-)

Adrienne said...

Awww this is such a great story!!

Tony and I met in the MALL!!! LOL We were 15 or so lol.

Cheryl Wray said...

Adrienne--Oh yeah, we know the mall story. I LOVE it!! (I can't believe how young you guys were when you met!)

Disney Scrapper said...

We met in church (go figure). Little did we know what God had in store for us (lol). At the time we were 15 and 16 and he was interested in my friend who was on the church trip with me. I stayed that summer with my aunt and uncle and Marc and I became friends over the summer. He even wrote in my yearbook that one day I would be his wife. We didn't see each other again for 3 years. When I graduated from High School I moved into my aunt and uncles home to go to school and looked him up. We have been together every since then (nearly 27 years).

Leah said...

Great Post.. I love how you and your hubby met!

Gretchen said...

Big and I met in jr. high. I was in 7th grade and he was in 9th grade, and I asked him to dance. He said "no" because I was a "sevvie". Fast forward to band camp at CSU. Oh, yes, band camp.
We'd meet up and just chat and enjoy each other's company not just one summer but 2 in a row. The third summer I went, he was a jr. in high school and was on his hs trip (with the band/orchestra) around Europe.

Fast forward to the beginning of my sophomore/his senior year. After about a week of marching band practice, I could tell he was noticing me. About a week after that, on Sept. 13, 1984, he asked me out to Homecoming and for our first date: The Karate Kid (Sept. 15th '84).

Dated thru college. Married June 2nd 1990.

Love him more now than ever. See, sometimes the band geeks have fun, too. :) Great story about you and Gary.

Cheryl Wray said...

Disney--Oh, I love your story too! I love all these stories of how people knew each other, then met again later; like it was destined for them to be together. And how perfect that you and Marc met in church!

Leah--I love the story too. (You didn't tell us how you and John met.)

Gretchen--Oh, I LOVED the story of you and Big getting together. Yes, Band Camp (you know, that time in band camp...lol).

Auburn Kat said...

I wonder what my story will be someday=)

Dettao said...

Love your story, Cheryl and everyone else's too. Curtis and I were 16 years old when we met at Jim Dandy Fried Chicken. He was already working there when I started in February of 1976. I thought he was the cutest boy I had ever seen and immediately pursued him! We were married on Dec 10, 1977, not quite two years later as soon as I turned 18. (Another very long story) 31 years later, it is a continuing love story. I can't imagine life without him.

Sheila said...

Enjoyed this post/comments - DH and I met at a pizza parlor.

Maria said...

Ah, perfect post Cheryl! My hubby and I met in a blind date set up by his sister (she used to be my co-worker.)


And there are soooo many things she "forgot" to mention about her brother. I'm surprised I still talk to her, ha ha. No really, I will always be greateful for her set up! We went to see a Giants baseball game in San Francisco and went to a nice Italian restaurant afterwards. On the way back home we stopped at his grandma's house. I later found out that he was taking me to meet grandma so she could give him her blessing. Apparently, any serious girlfriend he ever had, was required to pass the grandma test! LOL

I must have passed the test considering we've never been apart since then :D

Loreluca said...

This is such a nice entry! Loved your story, and your MIL's addition with the truck exchange!
Brian and I met on Love@AOL. I had an add and he answered with the subject: "I'm 92 and bolding...
I'm 5' 99 lbs., have new dentures". The rest of the email was so hillarious that I was still laughing when I answered. I never thought I would be interested, since he is 3 years younger than me, but when I actually met him, his eyes absolutely took my breath away. I love to think of that precise moment. I gives me goosebumps and makes me feel butterflies each time. That was on October 16, 1999... He and his family fell in love with Cesar, too. Can't imagine life without him!

Susie Q said...

I think you both STILL look amazing!! And I LOVE your love story!!

I posted mine recenly...about a week ago!!