Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Is there any better way to celebrate Earth Day than to get out in your backyard with your cutie patootie five-year-old and have a picnic?

I can't think of one (unless it also involves swinging, see-sawing, and enjoying the sunny, blue sky of a 77-degree day)!


hippo chick said...

She is such a cutie pahtootie. And i envy you guys that wonderful weather. I know it's coming to the northeast, but today is cold and cloudy.


~hippo hugs~

Adrienne said...

Awwwwww great pics! Remember when she cut her hair? LOL it has REALLY grown back :-)


Ahhh..such a lovely day isn't it. I'm glad you enjoyed it with your pahtootie.

Lynilu said...

Those photos are precious! But then, look at your subject. :)

Gin said...


These are BEAUTIFUL.

Ms.L said...

Oh gosh,she's way too cute!
What a perfect way to spend the day:)

Gretchen said...

Boy, I really see a resemblance to your eldest dtr in one of these shots--the one where she's looking down.

Darling. Great way to celebrate our earth and all God has given us.

scrappermimi said...

That is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day! What fun pictures!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hippo--We have had two BEAUTIFUL days in a row.Today it got up to 87!!! I wish it would stay that way, but who knows?

Adrienne--How could I ever FORGET that? LOL

Cinni--It was a gorgeous day!

Lynilu--I know! She is something else, that's for sure.

Cheryl Wray said...

Gin--Thanks! You're so sweet.

Ms. L--It really was pretty much perfect!

Gretchen--It's funny...sometimes she really makes me think of Delaney, and then at others she does look like McKenna.

Mimi--I do love these pics.Can't wait to scrapbook something with them! :-)

Edleen said...

she's so Beautiful! love her green dress :)

the picnic looks so fun and hope you'll have many more!

enjoy the weekend :)

hippo chick said...

I love the new banner. What was that occasion?

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

Edleen--I love I'm sure we'll have many more of them! :-)

Hippo--Thanks! It was from the Tom Thumb Wedding Sydney was in. I just loved all the little dresses twirling around!

delaney said...